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  • June 12, 2018 12 Jun'18

    ONAP Beijing release targets deployment scenarios

    With its ONAP Beijing release, the Linux Foundation turns its attention to what makes a system deployment ready to go: usability, stability and security, among others.

  • May 25, 2018 25 May'18

    What makes networking automation so difficult?

    Analysts focus on networking automation and the problems facing it, as well as gaming trends that could affect 5G deployment costs and debate questions surrounding the future of blockchain.

  • January 30, 2018 30 Jan'18

    Cisco Assurance services verify intent-based networking

    Cisco has advanced its intent-based networking plans with a layer of analytics that verify compliance with policies. The new Cisco Assurance is tied to the company's SDN platform.

  • January 26, 2018 26 Jan'18

    Selecting network configuration software for automation

    This week, bloggers look into choosing the right network configuration software for an automation project, endpoint security and the future of SD-WAN as a stand-alone service.

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  • Five needed product features to fix network management issues

    A new survey by Enterprise Management Associates attempts to shed light on the most important tools needed to combat network management issues. Continue Reading

  • DevOps in networking begins to gain ground

    Software development has benefited from a DevOps framework, which brings together software engineers and operating teams to collaborate in a continuous integration/continuous delivery model that helps automate and deploy code faster. DevOps in networking, however, is still an emerging concept. Many networks are still managed and updated using heavily manual processes.

    In this issue of Network Evolution, find out how network virtualization and automation are leading enterprises to consider whether they can manage their networks through DevOps methodologies. As more network elements become software-driven, organizations will see a shift to DevOps in networking.

    In addition to an emerging DevOps approach, the software-driven network brings with it a slew of new technologies and approaches to understand. From software-defined networking and software-defined WAN to network functions virtualization and virtual network functions, network professionals have to wade through options aimed at changing everything about how networks are built and managed. Read on as we sort out the subtle differences among these technologies.

    And as virtualization enhances network design, it also makes the network a more attractive target for hackers. We also look at what security tools and services enterprises are investing in to boost network security in the cloud.

    Finally, read how the Broward Center for the Performing Arts is using cloud-based network monitoring to keep its theater in the spotlight.

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  • The growing ties between networking roles and automation

    Network automation is here, bringing with it new demands for network professionals. But these changes should go beyond shifting networking roles, responsibilities and skills. Continue Reading

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  • What's automation's role in network provisioning resources?

    IT is embracing network automation, but complications with integration disrupt the process. Using automation for provisioning resources can improve efficiency, but reduce the need for IT personnel. Continue Reading

  • IBN: Enablement for a configuration management process?

    How realistic are claims about intent-based networking helping organizations to enhance the network configuration management process? Continue Reading

  • How to prevent network downtime in the modern enterprise

    Today's enterprise network finds itself under unprecedented strain, with the number of connected devices and "things" increasing and end-user expectations of speed and performance growing. Meanwhile, as IT professionals strive to offer the latest and greatest technological services to customers, network resources don't always keep pace. Something has to give.

    Such a scenario is ripe for significant, unscheduled network downtime, and in the digital age, these outages come at large scale and enormous cost. Enterprises that have recently experienced major network downtime -- such as Delta Airlines and Salesforce -- have lost millions of dollars and suffered incalculable blows to their brands and reputations. Organizations simply can't afford outages like these in today's digital-first business environment. In this edition of Network Evolution, we explore the dynamics of the modern outage, and how enterprises can minimize their risk of network downtime.

    Also in this issue, we take a look at evolving automation tools and how they can make network managers' lives easier. And finally, we'll tell you what you need to know about Cisco's new digital whiteboard, Spark Board, and how it stacks up against Microsoft's Surface Hub.

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