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  • application-aware networking (app-ware networking)

    Application-aware networking is the capacity of an intelligent network to maintain current information about applications that connect to it and, as a result, optimize their functioning as well as that of other applications or systems that they control. Continue Reading

  • Best practices for WAN design and capacity planning

    Today's businesses are more dispersed and more dependent on their networks than ever. Employees, partners and customers count on data and applications traveling from point to point quickly and reliably at all times. The key to that is a WAN design that supports your company's needs and realistic capacity planning and bandwidth management. This guide will help you translate business needs into WAN requirements and technology specifications. Continue Reading

  • circular mil

    The circular mil is a unit of area used especially when denoting the cross-sectional size of a wire or cable. Continue Reading

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  • Checklist to upgrade your network's performance

    Need to upgrade your network's performance? This checklist includes more than just security and improved throughput. Continue Reading

  • How to select the best network monitoring tool

    Enterprise employees now rely heavily on network connections to run critical applications and otherwise conduct daily business. That makes the networking professional's ability to monitor and manage the network mission-critical. Network pros require tools that work reliably and simply, even though the networks being monitored are becoming increasingly complex.

    It's hard to address the modern mix of wireless and wireline networks, which have both physical and virtual elements, with a simple network monitoring and management system. This Buyer's Essentials guide will help you identify both the essential and nice-to-have features so you can select the best network monitoring tool. It will, in short, make understanding vendor offerings easier and lead you to the right tool for using your network resources efficiently and delivering optimal performance.

     Continue Reading

  • Network capacity management still a challenge for apps

    Network capacity management challenges are increasing at a faster rate than ever with the robustness of the Internet of Things. Continue Reading

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