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  • Change VMkernel port MTU size to reduce packet fragmentation

    A high maximum transmission unit size creates fewer frames, which lowers the risk of collisions and reduces overhead. The key is figuring out how high an MTU size is too high. Continue Reading

  • Comparison of popular technical SD-WAN service models

    Two main SD-WAN service model options exist for users to choose from, but more could be on the way due to regulatory and industry development efforts. Find out what works for you in this comparison. Continue Reading

  • Moving clients to a hybrid cloud model

    Businesses increasingly see the value of moving to a hybrid cloud model, with more flexibility, scalability and data deployment options being just a few of the potential benefits. However, hybrid cloud environments can pose technical, organizational and management challenges, causing many businesses to turn to cloud providers for help.

    In this three-part guide, we explore how cloud providers can build and manage their clients' hybrid clouds environments. First, we examine how to craft an effective hybrid cloud plan. Important considerations include a client's technical, data migration and management requirements. Next, we investigate cloud management software and approaches you can take to constructing your toolkit. Finally, several experienced partners in the hybrid cloud space reveal best practices for integrating legacy systems with cloud environments.

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  • Intent-driven networking reshaping network service delivery

    When configuring a network, engineers often focus on individual tasks to enable network service delivery. Intent-driven networking transfers the focus to the overall network. Continue Reading

  • Time to get 'Wi-Fi aware': How new tech affects the network

    The number of devices connecting to the network isn't going to slow down, which means the enterprise network has to keep up, and developments in Wi-Fi are central to this effort.

    Is your network infrastructure ready for the next stage of wireless LAN (WLAN) that's mobile, freely accessible and dynamic? If not, it's time to get up to date on the latest developments and what's expected in the near future. This handbook walks you through what you should be thinking about, with a major focus on Wi-Fi aware technology and Wave 2 of the 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard. We also discuss developments including gigabit wireless, White Space Wi-Fi and the latest Wi-Fi Alliance certification programs.

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  • Shared responsibility approach to security eliminates scapegoats

    AWS provides the technology to secure its cloud operation, but IT teams must also take the proper steps. A careful approach with the right tools does plenty to protect the cloud. Continue Reading

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