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    Payroll software automates the process of paying salaried, hourly and contingent employees. Continue Reading

  • Determining the best HR management tools requires soul-searching, wisdom

    When searching for human resources, or HR, management tools that fit your company’s needs, several dynamics come into play that can test your knowledge of the software, vendors and your company. And it’s not just about employee recruitment and retention. Some companies might only need a better payroll system. Others might want to entirely replace their obsolete HR system. Still others see a need to consolidate all HR applications under a single vendor. Whatever the need, compiling a robust request for proposal (RFP) and making the final purchase decision can be as simple as ensuring that everyone is on the same page.

    Often, a consensus on the best HR management tools can be reached only by asking, and answering questions -- many, many questions. They can be as specific as the software’s features, and as broad as your company’s future plans. Here’s a sampling of what areas your questions need to cover: the current state of your company’s core HR software system; product features that can help hire, engage, manage and retain employees; the new software’s ability to seamlessly install and integrate; vendor support; product pricing; and ROI. Continue Reading

  • Employee Central: The answer to an outdated HR system?

    Organizations looking for a new HR system might want to take a closer look at the features and functionality in SuccessFactors' Employee Central. Continue Reading

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