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  • What we know about Windows Update for Business

    Windows Update for Business will ostensibly give IT administrators control over how and when Windows 10 devices receive updates, but details surrounding the service are sparse. Continue Reading

  • Content delivery networks smooth the way for rich media

    Content delivery networks, or CDNs, have been available since the '90s but have evolved to improve access to Internet-based video, business-critical applications and online transactions for customers using any kind of device. While CDNs still provide content distribution, aggregation and management, next-generation CDNs now offer critical capabilities like content optimization, improved security, CDN analytics, monitoring, digital rights management and video streaming.

    The CDN market is predicted to grow dramatically. This three-part guide explains the technology's growing importance and how enterprises can benefit from its use. We look at the traditional uses of CDNs, the new missions CDN providers are taking on, and we compare its capabilities with traditional cloud services.

    Understanding how CDN works with emerging technologies like software-defined networking and network functions virtualization is also important for networking professionals, especially when it comes to making multimedia content available via mobile connections.

    This is vital information for network pros, whether they've yet to embrace content delivery networks or need to understand the latest capabilities.

     Continue Reading

  • peer-to-peer botnet (P2P botnet)

    A peer-to-peer botnet is a decentralized group of malware-compromised machines working together for an attacker’s purpose without their owners’ knowledge.  Just as in the traditional botnet, which includes a command-and-control server, the bots are typically infected with a Trojan horse and are often used for sending spam or performing DDoS (distributed denial of service) attacks. Continue Reading

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