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  • Slow in coming, ERP mobility boosted by cloud, web application tools

    Analysts say legacy vendors are reluctant to rewrite code, but cloud ERP offers an inherent advantage for viewing reports and analytics on smartphones and tablets. Continue Reading

  • Tools to ease mobile app development woes

    Building mobile apps is hard, but modern mobile app development platforms, mobile backend as a service (MBaaS) offerings and other products can make it easier. Companies must first decide what kind of applications they will build and which operating systems those applications will run on. From there, it should be easy to find an application development product that meets the needs of businesses and developers.

    There's no shortage of tools available for simplifying application development. The right integrated development environment (IDE) or mobile application development framework (MADF) can be instrumental in improving efficiency and reducing developers' and administrators' efforts. And the right mobile application development platforms (MADP), MBaaS or refactoring product can help free up devs and admins so they can focus their attention on projects that take priority.

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  • What are some use cases for app refactoring?

    App refactoring can be handy for businesses that need to add mobility to legacy systems but don't have the time, money or expertise to build a native app from scratch. Continue Reading

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  • In a microservices app, how many microservices are too many?

    How many microservices are optimal for your microservices app? DevOps analyst Chris Tozzi explains how to use containers, codebase analysis and other tactics to decide. Continue Reading

  • How a tester can contribute to the code review process

    Can a software tester really play a meaningful role during code review? Expert Matthew Heusser explains the step-by-step process to make yourself useful during code review. Continue Reading

  • The good and bad of supporting Apple devices

    As more consumers bring Apple products into the workplace, IT needs to manage and support users' smartphones and tablets, along with the iOS operating system. To further complicate matters, Apple constantly changes and upgrades its products, and it doesn't always add all the management and security features that IT needs. This issue of Modern Mobility explores the consumer giant's place in the enterprise and how IT can better manage and secure iOS devices.

    Readers can also take an in-depth look at application refactoring technology, which aims to help IT departments modernize legacy Windows and Web apps. Our columnists weigh in on the future of the Internet of Things and dual-persona technology. And Dell's director of end-user computing talks about enterprise mobile security issues in this month's Q&A.

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