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  • Tackle the cooling challenges that edge computing poses

    Edge computing is the next new trend, but recognize its obstacles before riding the wave. Continue Reading

  • SD-WAN makes secure networks possible in hybrid WANs

    As enterprises became more distributed over the years, a curious trend emerged: MPLS was no longer the golden child of the wide area network (WAN). Its high costs and inflexibility left many network engineers disillusioned. All the while, commercial Internet services became an attractive option for branch connectivity.

    But for most enterprises, a hybrid WAN architecture -- one that relies on a mix of access connections -- was not only tricky from a routing perspective. Broadband becoming more than a failover option at branch offices also raised red flags about enterprises' ability to maintain secure networks.

    The emergence of a software-defined WAN (SD-WAN), however, is helping enterprises aggregate MPLS and Internet connections without sacrificing their secure networks, even improving them in some cases. As we explore in this edition of Network Evolution, early adopters say they're confident in sending sensitive data over the Internet via SD-WAN platforms.

    Also in this issue, Cisco and Microsoft have taken the fight to the cloud as they once again go head-to-head in their ongoing battle for the unified communications market. Learn more about how to decide whether Microsoft's Skype for Business or Cisco's Spark is a better fit for your enterprise.

    We also dive into beacons on the network and what you need to know about installing and managing them -- straight from companies that have already deployed them.

    Finally, don't miss this edition of The Subnet, in which we explore how an IT pro at a high-tech Midwestern church manages a wireless network that supports thousands of congregants who use the church's mobile app on its WLAN during prayer services.

     Continue Reading

  • How the hyper-converged appliance market has exploded

    The hyper-converged appliance market has exploded thanks to their fast deployment and easy management that overcome their limitations. Continue Reading

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  • Set up a vSAN 2-node cluster for small or remote deployments

    Use a vSAN 2-node cluster for small and branch office deployments. Use a cluster with two physical hosts for data storage and a third server as a witness appliance. Continue Reading

  • Mastering the cloud contract

    Cynthia Nustad recalls a time not that long ago when businesses didn't have much flexibility in negotiating contracts with cloud providers. "Maybe you could negotiate on price or add-ons, but the core service was pretty vanilla and hardened," said the CIO at HMS, a healthcare management services company. Back then, agreements that had the provider assuming part of the risk in the event of a breach were a no-go. Today, however, things have markedly changed. The rapid growth of cloud computing has given IT leaders an edge when it comes to negotiating a cloud contract.

    In this issue of CIO Decisions, get advice from CIOs and experts on how to procure more safeguards and custom features in your cloud contract that address your business needs. Also in this issue, we walk through UPS' journey from analog to digital business; outline common mistakes companies make when implementing hybrid cloud; take a look at what's under the hood of Etsy's business model; talk to former McCormick CIO Jerry Wolfe about how the spice company is using its platform business model to shake up the food industry; and examine why getting the most out of knowledge workers today requires "Supportive Leadership." Continue Reading

  • Trading Microsoft Patch Tuesday in for Windows Update for Business

    While the consumer world is going Patch Tuesday-less, Microsoft is evolving its Patch Tuesday into Windows Update for Business for enterprise software. Learn what this change means. Continue Reading

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