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  • How are backup and recovery plans impacted by large SSDs?

    Backup and recovery planning can stand to benefit from the decrease in price of high-capacity SSDs. Explore how to shorten your backup window with this technology. Continue Reading

  • Backup vs. disaster recovery: Is there a clear winner?

    With product and technology improvements, data backup and disaster recovery are converging, but that doesn't necessarily mean your organization should drop one of the disciplines. Continue Reading

  • Use instant recovery to quickly recover data

    Recovery-in-place, which is sometimes called "instant recovery," is a relatively new data backup technology that allows users to start a virtual machine from a backup copy and run critical applications temporarily while the primary VM is restored. It is widely regarded as an important advancement in the backup space. However, there are a number of important things to consider before deploying recovery-in-place.

    While recoveries can be performed relatively quickly, they are anything but "instant," requiring manual intervention. As such, recovery-in-place is far from a "set-it-and-forget-it" thing and requires careful planning and execution to ensure that it is effective. Another important consideration is whether your backup storage infrastructure will have the performance needs for critical applications. This could require a significant hardware investment in order to make it work. For this reason, recovery-in-place should also be weighed against other technologies, especially replication.

    Learn what you should consider before deploying instant recovery technology and compare it to alternative techs to help you decide if it is right for your needs.

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