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  • How can new template injection vulnerabilities be stopped?

    A newly discovered injection vulnerability affecting template engines could spell trouble for enterprises. Expert Michael Cobb explains how to stop it. Continue Reading

  • Next-generation security in a mobile era

    The early days of mobile computing are gone. Mobile apps continue to grow in number and complexity, and so has industry spend on mobile security, reaching almost $2 billion in 2014. Still, many experts say enterprises are significantly under-spending on mobile security. In this SearchCIO handbook, CIO expert Harvey Koeppel provides tips for how organizations should reformulate their mobile security strategies, including incorporating new mobile security tools such as enterprise mobility management and next-generation encryption, in the midst of this mobile risk-riddled culture.

    In our second piece, Senior News Writer Nicole Laskowski discusses how a new application security tool called runtime application self-protection can help enterprises scale their security strategies down to the apps themselves. Lastly, in our third piece, CTO Niel Nickolaisen talks about how the forces of mobile computing have compelled him to seriously consider next-generation security tactics. Continue Reading

  • Testing AWS cloud application security

    Many public cloud providers offer tools to test security, but they can't do it all. Penetration testing can help detect cloud app security gaps. Continue Reading

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