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  • AI lowers hurdles to digital transformation of healthcare

    Depending on the organization, the digital transformation of healthcare comes in many stages and flavors. Consensus dictates that artificial intelligence is one of the major reasons for undertaking the painstaking process of transformation from paper-based to digitized forms of healthcare. AI's potential benefits are seen as enormous in helping meet the never-ending quest by hospitals and health systems to provide more efficient and cost-effective patient care.

    The July issue of Pulse opens with our editor's letter and great expectations for improved patient engagement that can come with the digital transformation of healthcare. Along those lines, our cover story examines the roadblocks to digital transformation and AI implementation, including slowdowns in government funding, landing the right tech skills and ensuring accurate data -- as seen through the eyes of hospital IT professionals who share their experiences in overcoming these challenges. In another feature, we look at the rewards of going digital and implementing AI -- greater integration of electronic health records, better access to patient data, more accurate diagnostics and stronger population health management.

    Also in this issue, infograph statistics show the critical role AI can play in preventing heart attacks and diagnosing early stages of cancer; healthcare APIs take center stage among government health regulators; and AI's great strengths don't necessarily immunize it from clinical fraud, hacks and medical errors.

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  • Four steps to monetizing the internet of things

    It's clear that now's the time to start monetizing your business for IoT, that is, if you haven't already begun. But what steps should you take to get there? Flexera's Eric Free offers four steps ... Continue Reading

  • How the BloodHound tool can improve Active Directory security

    Auditing Active Directory can be made easier with tools like the open source BloodHound tool. Expert Joe Granneman looks at the different functions of the tool and how it can help. Continue Reading

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