• Mobile app for visually impaired could improve GPS accuracy

    A project at Perkins School for the Blind aims to help people with vision loss easily find bus stops -- but it could also enhance GPS accuracy for everyone.Continue Reading

  • What CIOs need to know before delving into enterprise IoT projects

    The Monsanto Company, the world's largest seed company, has turned to the Internet of Things to solve one of the food industry's biggest problems: how to feed an extra 2.3 billion people around the world by 2050. The agrochemical company isn't alone in looking at IoT to solve big problems. CIOs from across industries are researching the technology and vendors that can help them turn an acronym into a business solution. But as our CIO Decisions cover story and main feature this month make clear, IoT initiatives won't happen without close collaboration with business colleagues and operations. Read about the IoT challenges CIOs need to understand before they get started on an enterprise IoT project.

    Also in this issue, we look at how free app Duolingo teaches users foreign languages through crowdsourcing; investigate how one CIO's team made the "big switch" from technology supplier to IT service provider; ask an expert about the technologies behind digital transformation; and flag five big mistakes that put CIO careers at risk.Continue Reading

  • New technologies take enterprise collaboration to the next level

    Businesses that hope to collaborate effectively in today’s marketplace have a host of issues to contend with -- trust issues with the cloud (yes, still) and an ever-widening workforce among them. So the ways in which organizations collaborate must evolve. No longer can they count on face-to-face interaction to foster business innovation. Scattered workforces and closely guarded business assets can impede the community-aspect of business collaboration. To remain competitive, organizations are looking to technology to keep enterprise collaboration rolling.

    This three-part guide examines what organizations can do to foster that collaboration and improve on the ideation process. First, Lauren Horwitz, an executive editor in the Business Applications & Architecture Media Group, explains how cloud-based applications -- Dropbox, Skydrive and Google Drive, for example -- are enabling simple, secure file-sharing in organizations around the world. Horwitz is joined by Laura Aberle, SearchContentManagement site editor, in the second piece. Together, they describe how, for some organizations, file-sharing isn’t enough. These companies, aiming to take collaboration further, are bringing together external and internal employees -- and in some cases, users -- to crowdsource ideas through collaboration-as-a-service applications. To close, consultant Shawn Shell discusses in more detail the trend of crowdsourced collaboration -- specifically, the challenges wrought by connecting global, mobile and external collaborators.Continue Reading

  • Enterprise collaboration tools encourage communication, inside and out

    Companies are increasingly using enterprise collaboration tools to brainstorm ideas in a secure, recordable fashion, internally and beyond the perimeter of a company's four walls.Continue Reading

  • Can crowdsourcing ideas boost customer experience?

    Crowdsourcing ideas and product innovation have become more than just novel experiments in several industries.Continue Reading

  • Community forums become customer support software

    Customer support software exploits community forums to address customer support issues in a low-cost way.Continue Reading

  • Mobile testing: Crowd sourcing a good fit for enterprise apps?

    Crowd sourcing can be a key piece of a test strategy for enterprise mobile apps aimed at customers, not employees.Continue Reading