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  • Flash memory vs. RAM: What's the difference?

    Even though vendors refer to flash memory and conventional RAM -- the main memory of your PC or server -- as solid-state memory, these two memory types are very different. Continue Reading

  • Evaluate SimpliVity vs. Nutanix hyper-converged infrastructure for VDI

    Nutanix and SimpliVity are chief competitors in the hyper-converged infrastructure market. The former has a longer track record, but SimpliVity is turning heads with its resource efficiency. Continue Reading

  • All-flash vs. hybrid flash storage arrays: Which is right for you?

    Hybrid flash storage arrays are currently the most popular way to deploy solid-state storage in enterprises today. An organization might have one or two applications that require the performance that flash offers, such as a database or virtual desktop infrastructure. In those cases, an all-flash array may be overkill. However, hybrid arrays may not satisfy the performance demands of every organization. Because of this, interest in all-flash arrays is growing.

    Today's all-flash arrays offer the functionality that storage managers have come to expect of enterprise storage products, such as deduplication, replication and thin provisioning. As the price of all-flash arrays continues to drop, it is likely that many shops will consider them a valid option. This Drill Down can help you decide whether a hybrid or all-flash array is right for your needs.

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  • Moving target: Endpoint backup

    Mobile workers are now accessing, creating and modifying data on ultra-portable devices such as smartphones, tablets and phablets. Most companies are still deciding on tools and strategies to back up these endpoint devices, so the risk of losing important information is real and rising. We tell you what endpoint backup alternatives you now have to avoid a devastating loss.

    There’s more awareness than ever that it’s necessary to have a viable disaster recovery (DR) plan in place. But keeping a DR scenario up to date and ensuring that all key systems remain adequately protected is difficult without using specialized tools that keep tabs on DR readiness.

    Moving data from one array to another or even to the cloud has traditionally been a difficult, time-consuming and costly process. But new tools, technologies and processes make the job easier and get it done faster without costing a fortune.

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  • Facebook storage: Reviews vary for Blu-ray cold storage, M.2 SSD plans

    Facebook's plans to use Blu-ray discs for cold storage, 'netbook-class' M.2 SSD for booting Web servers draw mixed reviews from analysts, IT pros. Continue Reading

  • Martin: Future nonvolatile memory technologies

    In this segment of his Storage Decisions presentation, Dennis Martin of Demartek discusses future nonvolatile memory technologies. Continue Reading

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