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  • Three ways to provide mobile data access

    Mobile workers need access to corporate data, and every business must choose a method that meets its users' needs. Questions about security and offline capabilities are at the core of any discussion about providing mobile data access. Offline or not, sensitive data needs protection, and IT must find a way to provide that without locking data down too much.

    There's no shortage of enterprise file sync and sharing services available to provide mobile data access, but they're not the only option and they're not right for every organization -- especially those with highly regulated data. Companies can instead turn to mobile content management (MCM), but that has drawbacks of its own. It's usually tied to enterprise mobility management, so it has the integration IT administrators want. But workers may be forced to use non-native applications instead of the tools they like. In-app storage is a good solution for companies with confidential or regulated information, but is an unnecessary undertaking for businesses that can use the cloud or MCM.

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  • Five enterprise file sync-and-share implementation pitfalls to avoid

    Some of the biggest hurdles when it comes to using enterprise file sync-and-share applications can arise during the initial rollout. Continue Reading

  • What's the best way to secure VPN access for teleworkers?

    The U.S. Postal Service suspended teleworking following a recent breach. Expert Kevin Beaver explains why teleworkers aren't always to blame in the event of a breach and explores methods for secure VPN access. Continue Reading

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