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  • Why the help desk needs VDI training too

    Help desk workers will get lots of user questions about their virtual desktops, so it's essential that staff know the ins and outs of VDI, including how connectivity works. Continue Reading

  • With zero clients, exceptions shouldn't be the rule

    Chapter 3 explores the post-rollout steps for an organization that has adopted zero clients. Once they are in place, IT needs to know how to manage and monitor desktops effectively from the data center. Though minimal maintenance is necessary, admin concerns and software updates must be addressed in a timely manner. By understanding the best practices for managing zero clients, IT can truly maximize ROI and make sure employees have the tools to do their jobs without disruption. Continue Reading

  • The right way to do old-PC-to-thin-client conversions

    Turning old PCs to thin clients can help keep the Capex associated with VDI down, but a bad conversion can spell support troubles for IT. Continue Reading

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