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  • The role of analytics in end-user monitoring tools

    The rise of mobility and new application delivery methods have made it necessary for IT departments to take a more proactive approach to monitoring. End-user monitoring tools now take advantage of machine learning and analytics to provide IT with better insights. In this month's cover story, editor in chief Colin Steele dives into the challenges of today's EUC monitoring and how end-user monitoring tools are evolving to come to IT's aid.

    Plus, expert columns this month focus on the need for better web browser security and metrics to help determine mobile app success. Jack Madden's Deep Dive explains how telecom expense management software can help IT uncover mobile cost savings. The App Spotlight shines on Microsoft's Windows 10 browser, Edge, and IT pros sound off on their biggest concerns around artificial intelligence.

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  • How can Cisco IP phones work with Microsoft Lync Server?

    While Cisco IP phones are not directly compatible with Microsoft Lync Server, there are ways to make them compatible. Lync guru Richard Luckett explains. Continue Reading

  • What makes enterprise unified communications work

    From network infrastructure to UC strategies, learn how to make your enterprise unified communications deployment successful. Continue Reading

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  • UC management tackles multivendor, hybrid UC challenges

    Multivendor and hybrid UC are creating complex management challenges for enterprises. Learn how UC performance management provides enterprises with the tools they need. Continue Reading

  • How can organizations improve VoIP quality of service?

    While VoIP services are growing in popularity, issues with reliability and quality of calls remain. Learn what organizations can do to maintain and improve VoIP quality of service. Continue Reading

  • Improve UC management with SDN and other 21st-century tech

    With all the new unified communications (UC) applications and services on the market, enterprise IT has to make sure they don't crash the network. UC applications such as voice and video tax network performance. These demanding traffic streams test bandwidth limitations; UC management is critical for keeping networks running smoothly.

    Fortunately, technological allies in the form of software-defined networking (SDN) can help UC. SDN allows a network to adapt in real time to changing application and user needs. SDN automates the configuration of certain devices, like switches and routers.

    Another ally to aid UC management today is quality of service (QoS). With QoS enabled in the network, VoIP packets retain top priority and keep traveling without significant delay through the network.

    UC applications may be taxing on the network, but they're also vital for communication inside and outside the enterprise. In this handbook, we explore some of the key ways network engineers can manage UC traffic flows and satisfy end-user demands.

    This handbook looks at how video, VoIP and collaboration apps affect network performance and how IT pros can best manage UC now.

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