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  • Mobilizing enterprise apps depends on management strategy

    Applications are the engine that makes mobility run. This chapter covers the different approaches to bringing enterprise software functionality to smartphones and tablets. Options include in-house development, third-party apps, virtualization and application refactoring. Organizations must ensure that internally developed apps are consistent. Third-party and off-the-shelf apps offer flexibility and economies of scale, but they shouldn't require much customization, or the time and money saved is lost. Mobile application management (MAM) is often included with enterprise mobility management tools, but it can also be found as a standalone utility. A mobile security strategy and MAM should account for device loss, malware, and separation of personal and enterprise apps and data. Threats are constantly evolving. IT should also know mobile security best practices such as app containerization, dual persona and controls over document sharing. Continue Reading

  • The pros and cons of reformatting a hard drive

    In this Ask the Expert Q&A, our platform security expert discusses the pros and cons of reformatting a hard drive after an attack. Continue Reading

  • Most popular viruses and hacking tools

    Here are 2004's most popular hacker tools, viruses, remote tools, adware, spyware, Trojans and worms. Continue Reading

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