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  • What NBASE-T switch products do I need?

    With NBASE-T Ethernet ratified, it's time to start thinking about NBASE-T switch products for your organization. Continue Reading

  • Incorporating location into the IoT experience

    As devices become smarter and more connected, it is only natural that location enters into the equation for better contextual experiences. Continue Reading

  • mobile hotspot

    A mobile hotspot is wireless Internet connectivity that is enabled by a dedicated hardware device or a smartphone feature that shares the phone's cellular data. Mobile hotspots are also known as portable hotspots, and the hardware devices used to create them, known as pocket routers, are sometimes referred to as mobile hotspots as well. Continue Reading

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  • Prevent IP address conflicts on your wireless network with DHCP scopes

    Many wireless APs are set by default to act as DHCP servers, which can create IP address conflicts in your wireless network. Learn how to use DHCP scopes to manage your wireless environment. Continue Reading

  • How to diagnose and resolve Windows 10 Wi-Fi connectivity problems

    Wi-Fi connectivity in Windows 10 is a persistent problem for IT. Use the network troubleshooter or reset the device configuration to solve this issue fast. Continue Reading

  • Time to get 'Wi-Fi aware': How new tech affects the network

    The number of devices connecting to the network isn't going to slow down, which means the enterprise network has to keep up, and developments in Wi-Fi are central to this effort.

    Is your network infrastructure ready for the next stage of wireless LAN (WLAN) that's mobile, freely accessible and dynamic? If not, it's time to get up to date on the latest developments and what's expected in the near future. This handbook walks you through what you should be thinking about, with a major focus on Wi-Fi aware technology and Wave 2 of the 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard. We also discuss developments including gigabit wireless, White Space Wi-Fi and the latest Wi-Fi Alliance certification programs.

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