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  • March 15, 2017 15 Mar'17

    Information management – when metadata is king

    Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is in a bad need of an overhaul. The increasing use of metadata as seen in certain Enterprise Information Management (EIM) systems is the way forward.

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  • portmanteau

    A portmanteau is a word created from two other words, or parts of words, that both contribute to its meaning. Portmanteau is an archaic word for suitcase, made from the French words for carry (porter) and cloak (manteau). In Lewis Carroll's “Through the Looking Glass,” Humpty Dumpty explained words like “slithy” (slimy + lithe) and “mimsy” (miserable + flimsy) to Alice in the nonsense poem “Jabberwocky”: ‘You see it’s like a portmanteau—there are two meanings packed up into one word.’ Continue Reading

  • word processor

    A word processor is a computer program that provides special capabilities beyond that of a text editor such as the WordPad program that comes as part of Microsoft's Windows operating systems. Continue Reading

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