TechTarget Worldwide ROI Summit Comes to Japan

55 marketers. 21 companies. And yet another successful international edition of a TechTarget ROI Summit – this time in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Recently, I had the pleasure of presenting at the Japanese version of TechTarget’s popular series of technology marketer events. In Tokyo, the event goes by a slightly different name (Lead Gen Summit) but shares a similar basic theme: sharing online demand generation best practices. The information that was presented was designed to help technology marketers in Japan learn from their peers and stay ahead of the latest developments around intelligence and demand generation. Also, at this event TechTarget Japan said kon’nichiwa to our IT Deal Alertâ„¢ service, becoming the first market in Asia to introduce our world-class market segment reports on active technology projects and buying teams.

Local Japanese expertise and education critical for global marketers

Events like the ROI Summit help educate in-country marketers on how to get the most of their marketing efforts. When approaching a market like Japan, it is highly beneficial for global marketers to work hand in hand with their own in-country marketers or through strong media partners like TechTarget. Global marketers face a number of challenges that local on-the ground teams can help them address, mainly:

  • Not having sufficient translated and/or localized assets for Japan. While it is generally acceptable to leverage your English language content in regionally based programs within EMEA, Latin America, and many parts of Asia-Pacific, buyers in Japan (and China) really require translated content. Additionally, the Japanese language is challenging to translate, so working with local teams becomes even more critical, as evidenced by this example of how Adobe approaches translation and localization in Japan.
  • Program coordination from many miles away and in a different language. Those marketers without a local point of contact can feel lost navigating the Japanese media environment. Attempting to do this without local support can have an impact on the ROI and effectiveness of your programs in-country.
  • Lack of understanding into how Japanese IT purchasing is done and the extent of the transition from off-line to online research in what has historically been a traditional, face-to-face market. In some global markets, you may be able to take a blueprint from a successful domestic program and replicate it with a great deal of success, but expanding a program into Japan requires a deeper understanding of how buying is done and how traditional vendor-buyer relationships are forged. Make sure you do your homework, consult local teams, and leverage buyer research available through partners to educate yourself on these specific market nuances.

Recognizing Japanese technology marketing innovation

japan summit
Top row: Winning marketers; Bottom row: Toshiki Otsuki, CEO, ITmedia & TechTarget Japan, and Jon Panker, TechTarget VP APAC

It’s especially nice to see recognition given to marketers who have run especially successful programs – unsung heroes who deserve the spotlight. IBM took home the top award called “Lead Gen of the Year” for the strong ROI it realized  from the more than 8,000 leads TechTarget delivered in the last year. Also recognized for innovation were Microsoft, HP, McAfee, Dell, NEC, Hitachi and SAP.

Finally, as a non-Japanese speaker attending an event delivered entirely in Japanese, I owe a big debt of gratitude to Go Abekawa, a Cornell University alum and polyglot, who translated my presentation and undoubtedly made me sound a lot smarter than I actually am. For those of you who actually do speak Japanese, you can access two presentations from the event here and here.

If you are interested in discussing Japanese marketing considerations or this event further, please leave a comment or connect with me via email or LinkedIn.

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