TechTarget’s Top 8 Resources for Inside Sales Effectiveness

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Inside sales has become a critical component of B2B sales. According to recent research, sales development teams now deliver the largest portion of the sales pipeline (38%). Despite the growing importance of inside sales, too many SDR teams are held back from delivering even greater pipeline impact by continuing to use ineffective volume-based approaches.

With newly available sources of behavioral data, advanced inside sales teams can help their teams stop wasting time and start better prioritizing the most active accounts, finding the right contacts at those accounts, and personalizing their outreach with relevant hooks.

In order to give you best practices and insight into how to evolve the structure, processes and enablement of your inside sales teams and help you learn how better data can help smarter teams supercharge results we have curated 8 of our best resources below:

TechTarget’s Top 8 Resources for Inside Sales Effectiveness

ABM Reality: Aligning & Enabling Your SDRs for ABM Success

This e-book looks at how leading organizations identify buying groups and enable inside sales teams to act on buying group signals. It also covers the advantages of ABM, the challenges that organizations implementing ABM must face, and how leading companies are using data across marketing and sales organizations to increase yields and deliver a better customer experience.


breaking smart phoneBehavioral Data: A Stake Through the Heart of Cold Calling

Cold calling doesn’t work for B2B enterprise sales. In fact, there’s no excuse for cold calls when you have intent data. In this SalesTech Star article, TechTarget VP Josh Garland showcases how to incentivize reps to use data by adjusting KPIs and how to run a pilot with champion reps before rolling out the data source to the wider sales team.


3 Steps to Personalized SellingTTGT_Three-Steps-to-Personalized-Selling_Resource_Icon-384×320

According to Gartner, a more personalized approach can increase conversions 33% and grow average deal sizes by more than 50%. This white paper helps marketers understand how to more effectively enable sales teams to personalize pitches with better data and better tactics.


inside salesPersonalized Pitches: Improving Inside Sales Outcomes with Better Data at a Click

This blog looks at the importance of personalization for inside sales and how to encourage reps to research their pitches by adjusting KPIs, providing templates, and integrating third-party data into existing workflows.


How Inside Sales Wins with “Insider Insights”TechTarget’s Top 8 Resources for Inside Sales Effectiveness

Inside sales teams that rely on volume-based approaches fail in 3 crucial areas: missing opportunities at in-market accounts, dispositioning buying group members, and relying on ineffective product-centered pitches. This white paper covers how inside sales teams can turn it around and win with better insight.


TechTarget’s Top 8 Resources for Inside Sales EffectivenessHow High Tech Inside Sales Teams Are Accelerating Pipeline with Better Data

This e-book covers how 2 inside sales leaders from Nasuni and Masergy overcame common challenges and accelerated pipeline growth real purchase intent data.



TechTarget’s Top 8 Resources for Inside Sales EffectivenessEvolution Revolution: 4 Ways Marketing Can Help Turbocharge Growing Sales Development Teams

In this MarTech Today article, TechTarget CMO John Steinert outlines the key growth challenges within inside sales and 4 ways marketing can help SDRs succeed with sources of third-party intent data.


TechTarget’s Top 8 Resources for Inside Sales EffectivenessUsing Intent for B2B Pipeline Acceleration: 5 Ways to Turn ABM into a “Cosmic” Slingshot for Sales

Writing for MarTech Today, TechTarget CMO John Steinert lists 5 ways intent data can be used in ABM to accelerate B2B pipeline for sales. Tips include focusing on buying groups, understanding and prioritizing opportunities, countering threats with knowledge of prospects’ vendor interests, overcoming stalls, and using tools to support the entire ABM team.

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