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Generate Qualified Leads

Courtney Brown

Marketing Manager

“With Priority Engine, not only are we reaching our MQL goals, but we know what the accounts are researching. We can feel confident when reaching out to people.”

Generate Qualified Leads

Simon Watson

Managing Director and Founder

“The rich, clean, accurate data and insights we get from Priority Engine are unmatched.”


Miles Krone

Demand Generation Manager

“Priority Engine has been a significant component in helping us validate our account information and get the right information to the sales teams at the right time.”

Generate Qualified Leads

Awais Ahsan

Director of Demand Generation

“A big value-add of Priority Engine is that we’re tapping into an audience we didn’t previously have the ability to market to.”

Generate Qualified Leads

Kalpna Patel

Marketing Operations Consultant, EMEA

“Priority Engine allows you to look at the buying group and all the other contacts, put your research together and actually build a conversation.”

Sales Enablement

Robert Shepard

Business Development Manager for EMEA

“Cold calling is dead. The more we arm ourselves with data, the more credibility we have. With the help of TechTarget’s Priority Engine, we start to understand buying cycles.”

Generate Qualified Leads

Zsuzsanna Blau

Senior Manager, Global Enterprise Marketing Campaigns

“Priority Engine allows me to export more contacts and identify more accounts that I can nurture until they are ready to buy. It helps me future-proof my funnel.”

Generate Qualified Leads

Bryan Frankel

Sales Director

“Once the sales team started to use Priority Engine, we saw immediate results. We began to find more leads and prospects and convert more opportunities.”

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