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Sales Enablement

Robert Shepard

Business Development Manager for EMEA

“Cold calling is dead. The more we arm ourselves with data, the more credibility we have. With the help of TechTarget’s Priority Engine, we start to understand buying cycles.”

Generate Qualified Leads

Zsuzsanna Blau

Senior Manager, Global Enterprise Marketing Campaigns

“Priority Engine allows me to export more contacts and identify more accounts that I can nurture until they are ready to buy. It helps me future-proof my funnel.”

Generate Qualified Leads

Bryan Frankel

Sales Director

“Once the sales team started to use Priority Engine, we saw immediate results. We began to find more leads and prospects and convert more opportunities.”

Improve Database

Barry Magee

Director of Business Intelligence

“Priority Engine allows for roles across sales, marketing, sales engineering and customer success to see buying and intent signals—and know who and where in the buying cycle they are, based on actual behavior.”

Generate Qualified Leads

Monica Fairbanks

Sales Development Manager

“By targeting the correct people, we use vendor interest, topic interest and intent signals to create meaningful conversations.”

Improve Database

Chris Massey

Director of Marketing

“We need leads that are pre-qualified, and that’s where Priority Engine comes in.”

Create More Opportunities

Tim Boivin

Director of Marketing

“Priority Engine has helped us become more efficient. Our salespeople are now finding real people and making real connections.”

Improve Database

Lauren Ginter

ANZ Marketing Manager

“With a tight budget and key KPIs to meet, Priority Engine was one of the investments we chose to make as a business. The intent data we have available through Priority Engine has helped shape our ABM strategy and has been key to its execution.”

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