See why the leading technology sales and marketing innovators love working with TechTarget


Jonathan Ridley

Enterprise Marketing Manager, UKI

“We’re using Priority Engine to understand the interests of net new accounts and which competitors and alliances are in those accounts. We’re shaping the messaging, content and outreach using TechTarget insights.”

Generate Meetings

Phil McKinley

Account Manager

“The conversion rate we’re seeing from Priority Engine is the highest of any source we’ve ever seen. That’s because of the quality of the conversations we’re having with prospects.”

Create More Opportunities

David Angwin

Marketing Director, EMEA

“Because Priority Engine refreshes every week, we are getting two to three new accounts a week—which is ideal. It achieved the highest level of engagement and enthusiasm from our sales team that I’ve seen for any digital approach.”

Generate Qualified Leads

Amanda Bohne

Chief Marketing Officer

“Each month since we launched this new strategy with Priority Engine, we’ve seen a 50% increase in MQLs month-over-month.”

Generate Qualified Leads

Tom Campbell

Global Marketing Operations Manager

“With intent data, the levels of engagement from the people in those nurture streams outperform other nurture tracks 3 to 1. We know to deliver the right content at the right time.”

Generate Meetings

Normand Charette

Enterprise Security Sales Specialist

“Priority Engine gave me the absolute right person to talk to who was in charge of evaluating vendors. It’s magic.”

Generate Meetings

Jennifer Reid

Director of Marketing, NA

“TechTarget provided a good mix of lead gen and brand awareness. We’re running syndication across all the TechTarget web properties.”

Convert Website Visitors

Andrew Tewksbury

Director of Product & Marketing

“[With Inbound Converter,] being able to link our site visitors to TechTarget’s intent data and active prospects helps us easily pinpoint the most engaged accounts and deliver our sales team a list of prime prospects to focus on.”

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