See why the leading technology sales and marketing innovators love working with TechTarget


Emily Ketchum

Director, Global Marketing Operations

“We had a rep stand up at our sales kickoff and say… ‘If you’re not using Priority Engine, you really lose out.’”

Improve Database

Kenny Dellovo

Lead Development Manager

“The first impact we saw from our relationship with TechTarget was an influx of leads into our database – 20x lead growth month over month. We’re sparking better conversations, increasing webinar attendance and setting more meetings.”

Generate Meetings

Bart Bartlett


“Our ISRs love it when customers provide us TechTarget leads and active prospects. We’ve seen TechTarget leads generate up to twice the conversion to a meeting vs. other lead sources.”


Austin Martin

ABM Program Manager

“Priority Engine helps us solve our three most pressing challenges: who to call, what to say, and when to do it.”

Create More Opportunities

Nicki Tucker

Demand Generation Mgr., International

“We uploaded individual lists from account managers into Priority Engine and directly messaged these people with personalized communications directly from the sales team. Those have been working so well!”


Jonathan Ridley

Enterprise Marketing Manager, UKI

“We’re using Priority Engine to understand the interests of net new accounts and which competitors and alliances are in those accounts. We’re shaping the messaging, content and outreach using TechTarget insights.”

Generate Meetings

Phil McKinley

Account Manager

“The conversion rate we’re seeing from Priority Engine is the highest of any source we’ve ever seen. That’s because of the quality of the conversations we’re having with prospects.”

Create More Opportunities

David Angwin

Marketing Director, EMEA

“Because Priority Engine refreshes every week, we are getting two to three new accounts a week—which is ideal. It achieved the highest level of engagement and enthusiasm from our sales team that I’ve seen for any digital approach.”

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