The Importance of Storytelling in B2B Content Marketing

MaryCatherine Karcich
MaryCatherine Karcich

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What does a trip to Mars have to do with creating great content experiences?

content marketing storytelling MarsImagine what a trip to Mars would be like: How would you get there? What would the planet actually look like? Does it make you afraid?

Aerospace company Lockheed Martin addressed these questions in a video they produced called The Field Trip To Mars. A group of school children boarded a bus with the idea that they were going on a field trip, and they were…. to Mars. Using the effects of virtual reality, the children gained a firsthand experience of what it would be like and feel like to travel to Mars. Lockheed’s technology allowed the kids to share the experience together instead of through individual headsets and goggles. The bus also toured the U.S. to give more students the Mars experience and offer a new kind of learning. All of this was a unique way to communicate Lockheed’s leadership in Aerospace and demonstrate its commitment to producing the technology to drive a new generation.

So what does Lockheed Martin’s short-film say in terms of content marketing? Dedication to producing engaging content takes you far (like to Mars). Get your audience to smile wide, make their eyes pop and maybe even get them to scream in excitement with unforgettable content.

How can your brand tell its story and create the most engaging content? Here are 4 tips.

Now you may be asking: how exactly do you create engaging content? Storytelling is an effective method for you to connect with your readers. It’s not just about words; it’s what lies behind those words.

  • Do your research. Lockheed didn’t put their film together based on assumptions and ideas. They spoke with astronauts who shared their own space travel stories, reviewed photos and videos of Mars taken from the Curiosity Rover and tinkered with the twists and turns of the school bus. Gain a full understanding of what your audience is looking for to show that you took the time to get to know them and that you’re invested in their needs.
  • Stir those emotions. Many might fear the idea of traveling to Mars, but that doesn’t have to be the case. The Field Trip to Mars set to inspire young students who may one day grow up to become an astronaut. Take your customer’s problem or question, any emotion(s) they’re feeling and find the answer. Turn that negativity into something positive.
  • Picture this. Enhance the quality of your content with visuals, which is exactly what Lockheed did. Their film did more showing than just telling. When an image is paired with relevant information, 65% of that information is still retained three days later. Visuals keep viewers engaged in an easy-to-understand way.
  • It’s not all about you. Don’t go into content creation with your company as the main focus. Yes, you want to grow your audience, but to do so you need to put that audience first. Cater to their needs, and once you do, you’ll fulfill yours.

More examples of great storytelling through content

content marketing storytellingSalesforce is another organization that has done well with B2B storytelling. Through Customer Success Stories, they present real-life situations so audiences can hear from customers who share the same pain points.

Cisco is a veteran in B2B storytelling. Their marketing campaign, Never Better, tells stories through a combination of digital interaction, written content, images and documentary-style videos. Instead of putting together a string of case studies, Cisco presents audiences with enticing content and how they’re helping to solve issues.

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