The Promise and Pitfalls of Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

Amanda Roser

Integrated Marketing Manager

According to a recent survey by FlipMyFunnel, 64% of marketers plan to implement Account-Based Marketing (ABM) in the next year. If done right, ABM can pay huge dividends for your organization. But as with any new strategy, executing is not always as easy as it looks. To achieve maximum success, it’s not enough to simply desire the benefits of ABM – to proceed effectively, you need to avoid the pitfalls.

The Promise and Pitfalls of ABM


Account-based marketing

Marketers are turning to tools and partners to execute ABM effectively

Even beyond avoiding pitfalls, marketers with the best thought-out plans are finding they may not have what it takes to effectively execute account-based marketing on their own. In order to better scale and manage the complexity of ABM programs, more and more companies are turning to tools and partners for help. According to SiriusDecisions, 60% of marketers are planning to invest more in ABM this year, and to do it, many will look to strategic partners who offer help in key areas.  While the FlipMyFunnel study notes that 71% will invest in tools than can help them execute, SiriusDecisions points out that tools are just the tip of the iceberg of what’s needed to succeed.

Instantly simplify key elements of ABM

For marketers who need help driving better results from account-based marketing quickly, TechTarget offers a unique solution.  With a set of tools, data and techniques, we’ve figured out how to simplify the process of making ABM work right out of the gate. That’s why we’re calling it ‘Instant ABM’.

In today’s ultra-competitive B2B environment, many companies are finding the need for a shorter path to value. To reach your ABM objectives faster, ‘Instant ABM’ offers:

  • Instant and continuous access to verified active contacts on your ABM list
  • Detailed intelligence on accounts planning to purchase in your market segment
  • Data-driven account-based banner targeting
  • The ability to directly influence prospects at target accounts using lead generation techniques

You can kick start your ABM strategy by working with TechTarget today. When you incorporate ‘Instant ABM’ into your approach, you’ll be executing quickly instead of waiting till every last puzzle piece is finally in place.

Connect with us and let TechTarget show you how easy it is to get started: [email protected]


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