Trend for IT companies to market to existing customers

I’m observing a trend with our clients. Lately you hear some of them mention that they may be switching their marketing focus to go after their “named accounts.”

Actually, a client in the webservices space recently announced that a major 2006 initiative would be to do just this. They are reallocating budget from other activities to support this strategy.

They mentioned that their national salespeople needed to penetrate their top accounts in a specific vertical market and needed help in doing so. They’re concerned that even if their most active customers at company x may know them, their goal is to get more prospects within that same company to also consider them and their solutions. To do this they need to conduct a campaign to introduce themselves to new customers and reintroduce themselves to existing customers who may have forgotton about them So they asked what TechTarget could do to help them accomplish this.

Any recommendations for how an IT marketer can do this using resources from a publisher?

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