Trend Watch: Email marketing

Garrett Mann
Garrett Mann

Director, Content Marketing

Trend Watch: Email marketingThere is no shortage of new hot marketing trends, tactics, and buzzwords that B2B marketers have in their arsenal from Agile Marketing to Behavioral Targeting to Content Marketing. We could certainly debate how new, overused, or short-lived any buzz-worthy marketing trends are destined to be for quite some time, but does anyone want to guess what marketing tactic nobody wants to admit they rely on most? Yup, that’s right: email marketing. But wait, hasn’t email been around since, like, the seventies?

Email marketing usage, ROI, and effectiveness

Well, we have certainly established that email is not as cool as mashups, infographics, or memes, but why do we  still use this dinosaur? Well.. because “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” According to this recent study by ExactTarget (registration required), 91% of marketers reported being involved with email marketing with their top (2) objectives being to sell products/services and generate leads. Furthermore, marketers give high effectiveness marks for email in its ability to drive overall ROI and deliver quality audiences. I guess it is hard to argue against quality and ROI isn’t it…

More resources on email marketing tactics and strategies

I have compiled a few good resources and research that outline tactics and strategies to help marketers better understand how to be better email marketers:

  1. Ascend2 -Their “Lead Generation Strategy Outlook” report shows that 51% of B2B marketers find email marketing to be the most effective vehicle for generating leads for their organization (next closest – content marketing and SEO at 38%).
  2. Email marketing tips from Chris Brogan – Marketing guru Chris Brogan outlines why “the hottest and sexiest social network right now is your inbox.”
  3. Marketo: The Definitive Guide to Engaging Email Marketing – This in-depth e-book from marketing automation experts Marketo provides B2B marketers with in-depth best practices, tools and information on how to create more compelling and successful email marketing campaigns.
  4. Harvard Business Review – This great article showcases the evolving nature of email and why you shouldn’t listen to the “digital hipsters who claim email is dead.”


This is an installment of the Friday “Trend Watch”  column that will appear in this blog on a regular basis, featuring marketing trends highlighted by several outside resources from industry experts, bloggers, and outlets from around the web to help marketers stay better informed.   

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