Using Mobile to Reach IT Buyers

Technology is changing the world at a fast clip. You can watch movies instantly from NetFlix instead of renting DVDs. You can read e-books on your iPad instead of buying books from Borders. And smartphones provide the same capabilities and features as your computer.

Mobile is taking off faster than predicted, said Google CEO Eric Schmidt. As keynote speaker at the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s annual leadership meeting, Schmidt shared these facts:

  • Mobile searches related to Chrysler, a Super Bowl advertiser, were 102 times higher after the ad was televised; desktop searches for Chrysler increased only 48 times more than usual.
  • 78 percent of smartphone users shop on their device. Schmidt predicted that digital display advertising could grow to $200 billion a year, up from about $9 billion in the United States and $20 billion worldwide. Will this trend affect B2B advertising? According to Softchoice Corp. and Cisco Systems, buyers increasingly rely on mobile to research IT solutions.
  • 74% of mobile users visit Websites from their mobile device
  • 60% of smart phone owners use their device for IT research
  • 55% of director+ titles research IT on their mobile device
  • The more senior the role, the more likely smart phones will be used for IT research
  • Global mobile data traffic will increase 26-fold between 2010 and 2015

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Source for Eric Schmidt quotes, article on ClickZ 2/28/11

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