Using Web Analytics to Determine Engagement in Your Marketing

A couple weeks ago, I attended the Online Marketing Summit hosted by BusinessOnLine down in San Diego. One of the major themes of the event was how to measure website performance and ROI. The event featured a keynote from web analytics guru, Jim Sterne and a session from the ever entertaining Eric Peterson of WebSideStory. Both sessions helped me understand not only the power of website metrics, but validated that not everyone is doing it and/or doing it perfectly.

Being on the publisher side, I am highly intrigued with how all this data provided through website analytics can be used to determine the engagement level of our users. Discussions on Peterson’s blogs showcase engagement level as a customized, unique metric that is determined by the reviewing the goals of the website. As an example, if part of your marketing strategy includes a blog, what would you determine the level of engagement? When the user visits, responds to the blog, or reaches some frequency of response? It’s obvious that having the data is one thing, but using the data to define and reach goals is a hole other challenge.

What is your company’s strategy for website analytics and if you have a strategy, how do you use website analytics to determine and define engagement?

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