View from the Top: What’s Next for Technology Marketing

Peter Ross

VP, Corporate Marketing

Recently, TechTarget co-founder Don Hawk sat down with Dick Reed, CEO of Just Media, as part of Just Media’s “View from the Top”  executive insight seriesIn the interview, Don shared specific examples, insights and predictions about the future of technology marketing and specifically, how marketers will be able to leverage data analytics and intelligence to pinpoint the projects they care about most.

When thinking about where the industry is headed, it occurred to me that there’s never been a more exciting time to be a tech marketer than right now. As the balance of power continues to shift from technology seller to buyer, the role of marketer has become even more critical to help bridge the gap between IT pros and their technology suppliers. More than ever, IT pros are depending on both the quality and quantity of content to help better understand the technical differences between solutions, best practices for implementation and understanding the choices available to address specific IT and business pain points. It’s on marketing’s shoulders to stand up and deliver the right information to the right team of buyers – at precisely the right time.

Evolution of technology marketers

In the recent blog, “Media evolution and the changing role of technology marketers” , we explored some of the specific ways marketers have adapted to this shift in buyer control. Not too long ago, the main focus of marketing was to simply generate some awareness and potential interest before making a hand-off to their sales counterparts. Fast forward to today’s B2B marketer and you’ll find them accountable for identifying active buyers, educating them, and engaging them for purchase consideration before they ever interact with a sales rep. Our recent Media Consumption research underscores the established trend that prospects are unlikely to interact with salespeople before they are fully self-educated about all their options at the downstream stage of the sales cycle.

The future of identifying technology projects

Based on our “view from the top” of the IT landscape, we can clearly see the varying research trends, content preferences and activities of over 13 million active technology buyers from around the world. To help support their research efforts, we are developing content every day that directly addresses their most immediate and pressing technology and business challenges. With the increasing demands of these active IT buyers, we are developing even more sophisticated sets of tools and solutions for marketers to keep pace with our audience. The key to the marketing equation is to know the purchase intentions of your customers and prospects — and TechTarget is making sure that this information is now being made readily available to marketing and sales teams.

Staying ahead of the game

Despite seismic shifts in the market, successful technology marketers will have to engage buyers on their own terms — when and where they are actively conducting their purchase research and before they make their short list. How will you and your team stay ahead of the competition, know where the deals are happening, and make sure you’re making your customer’s short list before it’s too late?

If you have any specific examples or first-hand insight to share with our audience I also encourage you to provide a comment below or connect with me on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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