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data governance

What is data governance and why does it matter?

Definition | Data Management

Data governance is the process of managing the availability, usability, integrity and security of the data in enterprise systems, based on internal ...

Data management and governance key to successful AI use

Opinion | Data Management

AI's effectiveness is limited by data quality. Building strong data management and governance programs are crucial to handling the challenges that AI...

16 top data governance tools to know about in 2024

Feature | Data Management

Data governance software can help organizations manage governance programs. Here's a look at the key features and capabilities of 16 prominent ...

Why non-invasive data governance is the best approach to use

Feature | Data Management

Organizations typically approach data governance with top-down or traditional approaches. Consultant Robert Seiner discusses what makes his ...

NAO head calls for clean data and modern government IT

News |

Better IT procurement, better IT systems and better data are among the recommendations Gareth Davies is giving to Parliament

Poor data and IT hamper cross-government working, PAC report finds

News |

Report cites inadequate data, poor IT systems and departmental silos as major barriers to cross-government working, and calls on government to do ...

Nordic governments join forces to protect data transfers

News |

Nordic countries deepen their cooperation over cyber security amid heightened threat from neighbouring Russia

Enhance data governance with distributed data stewardship

Tip | Data Management

Data stewardship and distributed stewardship models bring different tools to data governance strategies. Organizations need to understand the ...

Informatica adds data governance with Privitar acquisition

News | Data Management

By acquiring the access control specialist, the data management vendor hopes to better enable users to ensure data security amid the growing ...

Data stewardship: Essential to data governance strategies

Tip | Data Management

As data governance gets increasingly complicated, data stewards are stepping in to manage security and quality. Without one, organizations lose speed...

UK government quietly disbands data ethics advisory board

News |

The government has disbanded its Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation’s advisory board in favour of pulling the relevant artificial intelligence (AI...

Government-led Smart Data Discovery Challenge launched to stoke innovation

News |

A government-led coalition has launched an open-call competition for ideas using smart data to help support individuals and small businesses, ...

MPs launch inquiry into government use of data

News |

The Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee is to investigate the possibility of reforming the way government collects and ...

How to optimize data storage governance

Tip | Storage

Data governance manages the availability, usability, integrity and security of data. Follow these best practices for governance as it relates to data...

AI and data experts to be brought into government through secondment programme

News |

The government has announced plans for a secondment programme designed to bring digital experts into government departments

Snowflake launches Government & Education Data Cloud

News | Data Management

The industry-specific platform is the vendor's seventh and includes data sets and other pre-built capabilities to meet the needs of government ...

CDO interview: Carter Cousineau, vice-president of data and model governance, Thomson Reuters

News |

The news and information provider places a premium on responsible and ethical use of artificial intelligence, and central to that is the governance ...

Starburst Galaxy update targets governance, data access

News | Data Management

The vendor's latest update includes the public preview of Gravity, a centralized access and governance layer that enables users to better control and...

IT Priorities 2023: Business automation intensifies as data governance returns

News |

Business automation and a renewed focus on data governance to get more value from data have attracted more interest for UK enterprise software ...

data governance policy

Definition | CIO

A data governance policy is a documented set of guidelines for ensuring that an organization's data and information assets are managed consistently ...

3 data protection and governance predictions for 2023

Opinion | Data Backup

How should backup teams prepare for a new year? Data protection pros can adjust to a changing IT landscape by keeping an eye on ransomware, data ...

Data analytics pipeline best practices: Data governance

Tip | Business Analytics

Data analytics pipelines bring a plethora of benefits, but ensuring successful data initiatives also means following best practices for data ...

How India is driving the use of open government data

News |

India’s Open Government Data platform has paved the way for new applications and services, but concerns around data quality and privacy remain

Government launches Smart Data Council to lower utility bills

News |

The council aims to find ways to use and encourage uptake of smart data to make it easier to switch utility providers and save money

How government can capitalise on a revolution in data sharing

Opinion |

Alison Pritchard, deputy national statistician at the Office for National Statistics, says the new government Integrated Data Service enables ...

Data governance, AI among the past year's analytics trends

Feature | Business Analytics

Organizations recognized data governance as an enabler of self-service BI and a way to keep data safe as well as that AI is best used to augment ...

UK government introduces revised data reform bill to Parliament

News |

Designed in close collaboration with technology businesses, the UK government is re-introducing an updated version of its Data Protection and Digital...

Confluent brings designer and governance to streaming data

News | Data Management

The streaming data platform vendor added a stream designer and new governance capabilities to its cloud service for organizations working with ...

Top benefits of data governance for businesses

Tip | Data Management

Effective data governance provides a variety of benefits to organizations, including improvements in operational efficiency, data quality and ...

Top 12 data observability use cases

Tip | Data Management

Experts identify 12 top data observability use cases and examine how they influence all aspects of data management and governance operations.

Data governance vs. information governance: What's the difference?

Feature | WhatIs

Data governance and information governance provide specific benefits for organizations looking to improve how they handle data.

How to install and set up Copilot for Microsoft 365

Tip | Enterprise Desktop

Copilot for Microsoft 365 offers AI-powered functionality to users, but there's more to consider before installing it. Data governance and licensing ...

New Collibra, Snowflake integration enhances data governance

News | Business Analytics

The new tool aims to enable customers to quickly put protections on sensitive data without requiring them to write code so that business users can ...

How AI governance and data privacy go hand in hand

Tip | Enterprise AI

Given instances where AI compromise data privacy and security, it's imperative that organizations understand both AI and data privacy can coexist in ...

Consumer data needs better protection by government

News | Business Analytics

Though legislation is before Congress that would address data privacy, it may not set clear enough guidelines or give individuals enough control.

AWS under fire for delays in delivering Scope 3 GHG emissions data to enterprises and governments

News |

With regulator scrutiny of their environmental footprint on the rise, AWS customers are growing increasingly concerned about the public cloud giant’s...

Data-driven government needs practical steps

Opinion |

We should build data platforms for government with the same techniques used in creating anything digital, argues Jim Stamp, head of data at Made Tech

Alation launches benchmark tool to assess data maturity

News | Data Management

The data catalog specialist's new tool examines four key criteria, including literacy and governance, in assessing an organization's business ...

Snowflake previews slew of AI, governance, development tools

News | Business Analytics

The data cloud vendor introduced more than a dozen features currently in various stages of development designed to help users build and govern data ...

ICO prompts confusion over police cloud legality

News |

The UK data regulator has suggested that, despite major data protection concerns, it is likely to greenlight police cloud deployments because of an ...

Collibra acquires data notebook vendor for analytics tools

News | Business Analytics

The data management specialist will add query and analysis capabilities to its portfolio of data quality and data governance tools with its new ...

Data lake governance: Benefits, challenges and getting started

Answer | Data Management

A data lake that isn't well governed may become more of a swamp. Here are key benefits and challenges of data governance in a data lake, plus initial...

Amazon launches DataZone, a new data management service

News | Data Management

The tech giant's new service provides data governance, collaboration and catalog capabilities that enable organizations to find and operationalize ...

6 key steps to develop a data governance strategy

Tip | Data Management

Data governance shouldn't be built around technology, but the other way around. Existing infrastructure, executive support, data literacy, metrics ...

HM Treasury signs AWS hosting environment management deal with Keysource

News |

HM Treasury has enlisted datacentre management services provider to help operate the AWS environment used to host cross-government spending data ...

7 best practices for successful data governance programs

Tip | Data Management

A comprehensive, companywide data governance program strengthens data infrastructure, improves compliance initiatives, supports strategic ...

Experts outline keys for strong data governance framework

News | Business Analytics

Developing guidelines that simultaneously protect organizations from risk while enabling and encouraging employees to work with data can be difficult...

Government responds to Data Reform Bill consultation

News |

Westminster claims its new data laws will boost British benefits, protect consumers, and seize the ‘benefits’ of Brexit

Ensuring collaboration tool compliance and governance

Feature | Unified Communications

Collaboration tool compliance and governance have grown increasingly complex as organizations adopt cloud-based tools that generate different types ...

Alation: How to develop a data governance framework

Feature | Business Analytics

Data governance should keep organizations from violating regulations while fostering data exploration and decision-making, but developing a strong ...

UK government introduces data reforms legislation to Parliament

News |

Proposed changes to UK’s data protection regime include new grounds for data processing, significant powers for the secretary of state to direct the ...

standard business reporting (SBR)

Definition | CIO

Standard business reporting (SBR) is a group of frameworks adopted by governments to promote standardization in reporting business data.

UK ranks third in OECD Digital Government Index

News |

The UK has dropped from overall second to third place in the international digital government survey, but fails to feature in the top 10 countries ...

Government data talk to the fore at London Tech Week

News |

Data figured prominently in the unfolding of the government’s digital strategy at the start of London Tech Week, with privacy-enhancing technologies ...

Data governance and your master data management strategy

Feature | Data Management

Strong data governance and master data management strategies typically go hand in hand. Read on to see how key factors of data governance can support...

Denodo secures $336M equity investment to fuel growth

News | Data Management

The data virtualization specialist plans to use the funds to drive expansion, including R&D efforts for generative AI and data governance as well as ...

How data governance and data quality work together

Feature | Data Management

High-quality, reliable data is essential to the data governance process. Here are strategies to ensure data quality standards are ingrained in ...

Crown Hosting Data Centres secures £250m government colocation deal

News |

Cabinet Office joint venture with Ark Data Centres secures a second term providing colocation services to the government

TechUK calls on government to seize post-Brexit data opportunities

News |

Ahead of the government’s reply to its late 2021 consultation about proposed post-Brexit reforms to the data protection regime, TechUK has published ...

Informatica brings data governance and data catalog to cloud

News | Data Management

Informatica moves more of its on-premises capabilities into the cloud as it aims to provide an integrated data platform for multiple use cases, ...

Government announces data strategy for defence

News |

The plan sets out the goals around treating data as a strategic asset to be achieved by 2025

Data steward responsibilities fill data quality role

Feature | Data Management

Data stewards tie together data operations. From quality to governance to boosting collaboration, data stewards are valuable members of any data ...

Alation boosts platform with new data governance application

News | Data Management

The new Alation service provides a series of capabilities to improve governance, including a centralized dashboard and data steward workbench for ...

NAO guide for senior government leaders flags barriers to better data use

News |

A National Audit Office guide for government chiefs on improving data use points to difficulties in achieving data sharing benefits and laments ...

UK-US data bridge to open to traffic on 12 October

News |

Government forges ahead with the implementation of the UK-US data bridge, which will come into effect for real just under three weeks from now

Podcast: ‘Data first’ a key principle of digital transformation

Podcast |

Chris Gorton of Syniti says organisations should put data first during digital transformation projects, and that means getting data quality, access ...

AWS customers grapple with generative AI shortfalls

News | Enterprise AI

Enterprises fear failing to accommodate technical immaturity, ensure data security and governance, prevent biases built into models, and correct the ...

Who belongs on a high-performance data governance team?

Feature | Data Management

Putting together a high-quality data governance team can be a challenge. Explore the necessary team members and best practices for a high-performing ...

ODI data literacy report laments technical skills inflation in government data strategy

News |

An Open Data Institute report on data literacy and UK government data strategy sees a lack of clarity in definition, fragmentation of responsibility,...

EY CTO outlines data governance challenges

Feature | Data Management

Multinational professional services firm EY has taken a strategic view of how to manage and use data in a federated approach powered by a trusted ...

Data governance strategies for today's evolving IT landscape

Guest Post | Data Management

With remote work becoming part of the norm and as companies migrate more data into the cloud, it's imperative that companies review their data ...

7 ways to collect customer data that keep you compliant

Tip | Customer Experience

Organizations can collect customer data through cookies and sales transactions, but they must be transparent and ensure they follow government ...

Government levelling up bill promotes open data-based digital planning

News |

The Levelling Up and Regeneration Bill announced in the Queen’s Speech includes proposals for digital planning powers to be given to local government...

The new normal for enterprise data governance

News | Data Management

Mastercard data exec highlights the foundational role of enterprise data governance during the pandemic era with more people working from home and ...

DWP to surveil bank accounts of benefit claimants for fraud

News |

The UK government has outlined how it plans to tackle benefit fraud by giving the Department for Work and Pensions new powers compelling banks to ...

Concerns raised over confidentiality and transparency in government data innovation

News |

National data guardian Nicola Byrne warns about central principles that should be observed as data-driven innovation gathers pace in areas such as ...

Kafka streaming data gets governance from Confluent

News | Data Management

Apache Kafka event streaming from Confluent helps online grocery provider Instacart deliver milk to customers when they need it, by helping to power ...

LockBit ransomware gang allegedly leaks MoD data after hit on supplier

News |

The UK government appears to have become entangled in a LockBit ransomware attack after data was leaked from a third-party supplier online

Strong data governance frameworks are fuel for analytics

News | Business Analytics

Good data governance can remove fear of data by striking a balance between restricting access to sensitive data and fostering a culture of data ...

IBM pushes back against US government data requests

News |

Technology giant IBM says the US government has ‘no jurisdiction’ to request data from its European entities

LOTI to develop data ethics governance approach for London

News |

The technology and innovation office is working on the elements needed to ensure ethical standards in data projects in the capital’s boroughs

Overrated and underrated trends in analytics

Feature | Business Analytics

Strong data governance frameworks are seemingly always underrated, while new data architectures such as data mesh and the promise of automated ...

Data lakes: Key to the modern data management platform

Opinion | Data Management

Data lakes influence the modern data management platform at all levels. Organizations can gain faster insights, save costs, improve governance and ...

Data governance framework key to analytics success

Feature | Business Analytics

Successful data-driven decision-making relies on good data at its core, and it's a strong governance plan that ensures the quality of an ...

UK and US move closer to transatlantic data bridge deal

News |

The British and American governments have committed, in principle, to a new data bridge agreement that will ease the free flow of personal data ...

Staige: A new Qlik portfolio for traditional AI, genAI and ML

News | Business Analytics

The analytics and data integration vendor's new suite combines AI and ML capabilities with generative AI to provide a secure and governed environment...

Ending the online fraud epidemic

Opinion |

A different approach to managing personal data across the web is possible - and it could minimise online fraud, boost e-commerce, and help make the ...

Qlik completes purchase of Talend, boosts integration suite

News | Data Management

With the acquisition, the longtime analytics vendor adds a data fabric approach and improved data quality and governance prowess to its burgeoning ...

Data-driven innovation needs trustworthy governance

Opinion |

The pandemic has given us a glimpse of what data-driven technology can do for society – and we cannot go back to the status quo

Government unveils post-Brexit data flow proposals

News |

The government will pursue data partnerships with countries including Australia, South Korea and the US as part of a post-Brexit data regime that may...

Alation Connected Sheets extends data intelligence platform

News | Data Management

The data intelligence vendor's Connected Sheets lets spreadsheet users directly pull in data sets from a data catalog to improve data governance and ...

CDO interview: Very’s Steve Pimblett on finding UB40

News |

The chief data officer of online retailer Very, Steve Pimblett, explains the place of data cataloguing in its data strategy, both for governance and ...

Institute for Government cautions government to draw right lessons from pandemic

News |

The Institute for Government has published a policy document warning government not to draw wrong lessons from data sharing during pandemic

Collibra grows enterprise data governance for the cloud

Feature | Data Management

Collibra CEO discusses the importance of data governance for enterprises and how to tie data governance to business terminology to go beyond simply ...

IT spending priorities point to cyber, cloud and data

Feature | CIO

TechTarget's survey of IT professionals underlines the continued importance of security and cloud initiatives, as well as increased interest in data ...

State governments among victims of MoveIT Transfer breach

News | Security

The Clop ransomware gang, which claimed responsibility for multiple data breaches tied to the MoveIT Transfer flaw, said it would delete data stolen ...

Improving enterprise data governance with data trust

Feature | Data Management

Talend users from Covanta and AutoZone provide insight into data management challenges amid growing data complexity at the Talend Connect virtual ...

Brexit and risks to data privacy and governance

Opinion |

EY privacy specialists assess the risks to data privacy, protection and governance on the table for businesses, with less than two months until Brexit

Cloud costs increase amid SaaS pricing hikes

News | CIO

CIOs face higher SaaS prices, with a new report pegging the inflation rate at 8.7%. The wider cloud segment saw a 3.2% inflation rate in October, ...

Data governance for self-service analytics best practices

Feature | Business Analytics

Establish a strong data governance strategy that will support your self-service analytics environment by including these best practices in your ...

  • firewall as a service (FWaaS)

    Firewall as a service (FWaaS), also known as a cloud firewall, is a service that provides cloud-based network traffic analysis ...

  • private 5G

    Private 5G is a wireless network technology that delivers 5G cellular connectivity for private network use cases.

  • NFVi (network functions virtualization infrastructure)

    NFVi (network functions virtualization infrastructure) encompasses all of the networking hardware and software needed to support ...

  • computer forensics (cyber forensics)

    Computer forensics is the application of investigation and analysis techniques to gather and preserve evidence from a particular ...

  • cybersecurity

    Cybersecurity is the practice of protecting internet-connected systems such as hardware, software and data from cyberthreats.

  • Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)

    The Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is a symmetric block cipher chosen by the U.S. government to protect classified ...

  • OKRs (Objectives and Key Results)

    OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) encourage companies to set, communicate and monitor organizational goals and results in an ...

  • cognitive diversity

    Cognitive diversity is the inclusion of people who have different styles of problem-solving and can offer unique perspectives ...

  • reference checking software

    Reference checking software is programming that automates the process of contacting and questioning the references of job ...

Customer Experience
  • martech (marketing technology)

    Martech (marketing technology) refers to the integration of software tools, platforms, and applications designed to streamline ...

  • transactional marketing

    Transactional marketing is a business strategy that focuses on single, point-of-sale transactions.

  • customer profiling

    Customer profiling is the detailed and systematic process of constructing a clear portrait of a company's ideal customer by ...