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Dapr brings microservices principles to platform engineering

News | IT Operations

With microservices now mainstream -- and past the trough of disillusionment -- a framework developed for them appeals to platform engineers with ...

11 real benefits of microservices

Answer |

There's a reason why so many vendors have moved from monoliths to microservices. Here are 11 real benefits microservices bring to companies.

The growing link between microservices and WebAssembly

Tip | App Architecture

The microservices architecture has become popular, but it runs into complexity and cost challenges. Implementing WebAssembly can alleviate those ...

What are microservices? Everything you need to know

Definition | App Architecture

Microservices, or microservices architecture, is an approach to the design and implementation of enterprise applications in which a large application...

10 disadvantages of microservices you'll need to overcome

Answer |

Not everyone is keen to adopt a cloud-native architecture, for good reasons. These common drawbacks to microservices might convince you to stick with...

Architecting beyond microservices and monoliths

Tip | App Architecture

A recent architectural change tied to Amazon's Prime Video service could help enterprise application teams understand their own microservices vs. ...

Serverless vs. containers: Which one for microservices apps?

Tip | App Architecture

How do you know when microservices should run in containers vs. serverless functions? A big factor is what you plan to do with your microservices.

Three-tier vs. microservices architecture: How to choose

Tip | App Architecture

The microservices approach is well suited to an app that needs a high level of modularity. When is the added complexity worth it, and how do you make...

How to maintain polyglot persistence for microservices

Tip | App Architecture

Managing microservice data may be difficult without polyglot persistence in place. Examine how the strategy works, its challenges and some options ...

What to know about building microservices with ASP.NET Core

Tip | App Architecture

It's optimized for containerization, integrates with the cloud and works on multiple platforms. Does ASP.NET Core deserve a place in your development...

Microservices vs. headless architecture: A brief breakdown

Tip | App Architecture

Microservices and headless architectures are both techniques capable of providing flexibility and modularity, but how do you make a wise choice ...

The enduring link between Conway's Law and microservices

Tip | App Architecture

While Conway's Law is a decades-old concept, some would argue that the industry's rush to adopt microservices makes this take on development team ...

Why contract testing can be essential for microservices

Tip | App Architecture

Developers face numerous struggles trying to perform traditional, end-to-end integration testing on microservices. Contract testing presents a ...

App modernization, mainframe, microservices: IBM event recap

Opinion | Data Center

At the recent IBM Infrastructure Analyst Event, IBM announced advances in IBM zSystems for AI, app architecture and other areas to help businesses ...

How Endowus is leveraging Kafka and microservices

News |

The Singapore-based financial technology company built a distributed microservices architecture to ensure its investment platform remains resilient ...

Rust vs. Go: A microservices-based language face-off

Tip | App Architecture

Rust and Go both offer language features geared toward microservices-based development, but their relative capabilities make them a better fit for ...

API gateway (application programming interface gateway)

Definition | WhatIs

An API gateway is a software pattern that sits in front of an application programming interface (API) or group of microservices to facilitate ...

10 training courses to prep for microservices certification

Tip | App Architecture

While it's not necessarily easy to become certified in microservices architecture, there are plenty of courses you can take to prep for certification...

How viable is it to create microservices in Python?

Tip | App Architecture

Python offers microservices developers access to advanced scripting, embedded testing and plugin tooling. But is it a good fit for you? And what are ...


Definition | App Architecture

Prometheus is an open source monitoring and alerting toolkit for microservices and containers that provides flexible queries and real-time ...

The role of sidecars in microservices architecture

Tip | App Architecture

Sidecars can do a lot for microservices when it comes to communication with distributed application components, though they also present some ...

Can you really use a shared database for microservices?

Tip | App Architecture

Since its emergence as a mainstream development style, experts have debated the wisdom of using a shared database for microservices versus providing ...

Deploy microservices with serverless functions

Tip | IT Operations

Microservices enable IT teams to create flexible, uniform systems -- but what happens when IT teams use serverless functions for microservices? ...

Logistics firm taps Netflix Conductor service to manage AI

Feature | IT Operations

SPI Logistics looks to a microservices orchestration service provider founded by the creators of Netflix Conductor as it prepares to weave AI into ...

The deep-rooted relationship between REST and microservices

Tip | App Architecture

The REST paradigm can be a natural fit for microservices architectures, but it also presents potential challenges for development teams.

Use Dapr on Kubernetes to build microservices in production

Tutorial | IT Operations

Dapr is an application runtime that targets cloud-native application development. Developers can use it to streamline their workflows. Here's how.

An intro to cloud-native microservices and how to build them

Tip | App Architecture

While there are a variety of ways to develop cloud-native microservices, focus on strategies that enable as much agility, resiliency and development ...

Why you should use a service mesh with microservices

Tip | IT Operations

Still on the fence about service mesh? See how it supports a microservices architecture and application deployments, along with the other benefits it...

6 ways to perform microservices load testing

Tip | Software Quality

While it's not easy to conduct load testing in hectic microservices environments, certain best practices can help testing teams ensure fair and equal...

The pros, cons and challenges of containerized microservices

Tip | App Architecture

Containerized microservices are certainly a popular deployment approach, but are they the best? They can be, provided you overcome the unique ...

Micro apps vs. microservices: What developers should know

Tip | App Architecture

On the surface, the contrast between micro apps and microservices simply seems a matter of front-end vs. back-end concerns. But this isn't the only ...

Factor performance into an application modernization strategy

Tip | Cloud Computing

Dev teams increasingly use cloud, containers and microservices to modernize apps, but these technologies bring little value unless they boost ...

The ups and downs of low-code microservices development

Tip | App Architecture

Low-code may not be the most sophisticated of development techniques, but it can often fit the bill for software teams looking to build microservices...

Microservices: What enterprises need to know

Feature |

For any enterprises looking to build cloud-native applications, an understanding of microservices is essential

How a microservices chassis regulates cross-cutting concerns

Tip | App Architecture

Those who've implemented a microservices architecture know that it presents a formidable collection of cross-cutting concerns to manage. Luckily, a ...

How microservices and containers work, apart and together

Tip | App Architecture

Microservices and containers are two methods that enable companies to more efficiently create and deliver applications. Here's how they work -- and ...

Master containerized microservices monitoring

Tip | IT Operations

Before IT teams can enjoy the benefits that containers and microservices bring, they must tackle several monitoring hurdles first.

DreamWorks Animation taps NetApp in transition to cloud

Feature | Storage

DreamWorks Animation built a microservices-focused hybrid storage architecture by combining NetApp flash storage and software with Microsoft Azure ...

8 fundamental microservices security best practices

Tip | App Architecture

Despite the benefits, microservices will introduce profound security issues. We review the biggest microservices security challenges and eight ...

Should my company move its apps to microservices?

Answer |

Microservices-oriented architecture is more flexible than monolithic structures, but microservices comes with costs companies need to weigh against ...

The basics of monitoring and observability in microservices

Tip | App Architecture

We examine how monitoring and observability help development teams keep a distributed architecture from coming unraveled by individual failures and ...

How to auto scale Kubernetes pods for microservices

Tutorial | IT Operations

In Kubernetes, autoscaling prevents over provisioning resources for microservices running in a cluster. Follow this tutorial to set up horizontal and...

Microservices vs. APIs: How they differ and work together

Tip | App Architecture

Enterprises still rely on monolithic systems, but apps increasingly require speed, scale and flexibility. Here's how microservices and APIs achieve ...

Why microservices and IoT apps are perfect together

Tip | App Architecture

The development of IoT apps certainly presents its fair share of challenges, but the benefits that microservices bring might be an antidote to those ...

The CAP theorem, and how it applies to microservices

Tip | App Architecture

Learn the fundamentals of the CAP theorem, how it comes into play with microservices and what it means for your distributed architecture design ...

Follow 6 key steps to deploy microservices in production

Tip | IT Operations

To succeed with microservices, IT organizations need to rethink the way they design and deploy applications -- and not all the necessary changes are ...

What are the most essential microservice design principles?

Answer |

Don't hinder a microservices architecture because of a faulty design. Keep these five design principles in mind to build the proper components for ...

Get to know 4 microservices versioning techniques

Tip | App Architecture

Are you struggling to apply updates consistently across distributed services? Here are four microservices versioning techniques that can help.

10 microservices patterns all architects should know

Feature | App Architecture

Choosing the right design pattern is a critical part of managing a microservices-based architecture. Here are 10 distributed design approaches that ...

Test your knowledge of microservices architectures

Quiz | Cloud Computing

Review microservices basics. Take this short quiz on microservices to find out how much you really know about this approach to application ...

Build and deploy a microservice with Kubernetes

Tutorial | IT Operations

Ready to run microservices in production? Follow along to create a containerized microservice and deploy it on Kubernetes in this step-by-step ...

Microservices vs. SOA: Choose the right app architecture

Tip | App Architecture

This primer explains the ins and outs of a microservices vs. SOA architecture: when and where to use either one, and how both are evolving, thanks to...

A quick rundown of multi-runtime microservices architecture

Tip | App Architecture

Learn the basics about a multi-runtime architecture, and the two-component approach it takes to provide a standard for abstracted ...

A lesson on how to test microservices locally

Tip | App Architecture

Microservices are small pieces of a big picture, so they're difficult to test in isolation. Use these tips to run unit and integration tests locally ...

Learn the benefits of microservices orchestration

Tip | App Architecture

Orchestration plays a vital role in a microservices architecture, especially when it comes to communication, workload management and architecture ...

Considerations when getting started with distributed tracing

Tip | IT Operations

Distributed tracing has advantages over traditional logging and monitoring, especially for microservices, but it can also affect application ...

What makes an effective microservices logging strategy?

Answer |

System size and scale play a big role in microservices logging. Follow these best practices to develop a solid logging strategy within a ...

How is asynchronous microservices tracing best accomplished?

Answer |

How can you trace a tricky workflow in an asynchronous microservices-oriented architecture? Two options include correlation IDs and distributed ...

5 ways to survive the challenges of monolithic architectures

Tip | App Architecture

Those unable to make the jump to microservices still need a way to improve architectural reliability. Here are five ways software teams can improve a...

Decomposing a monolithic database for microservices

Tip | App Architecture

When breaking up a monolith, it's critical to decompose your database alongside your new distributed services. We explore how to do this and avoid ...

Fight microservices complexity with low-code development

Opinion | App Architecture

Software developers are in a constant battle with complexity. Microservices hold promise as ready-to-assemble app components, but low-code ...

'Practical Microservices' speaks the language of web developers

Feature | App Architecture

In his book, 'Practical Microservices,' Ethan Garofolo introduces web developers to the coding principles that form the foundation for ...

How to master microservices data architecture design

Tip | App Architecture

Microservices have data management needs unlike any other application architecture today. You'll need the right set of knowledge, mechanisms and ...

Synchronous vs. asynchronous microservices communication patterns

Answer |

What's the difference between synchronous, asynchronous and hybrid communication for microservices? Follow the examples below to establish how ...

How do microservices API gateways aid monolith migrations?

Answer |

How do you move a set of REST resources to microservices? One way is to use an API gateway. Follow this example to learn how migrate to ...

The vicious cycle of circular dependencies in microservices

Tip | App Architecture

Modular design is impossible so long as circular dependencies lurk in your architecture. So how can you break problematic coupling between ...

How service mesh enables microservices networking

Tip | Networking

As microservices applications grow more popular, IT teams need to enable reliable networking between them for proper communication. That's where ...

Your near-zero downtime microservices migration pattern

Answer |

The possibility of extended downtime is a common reason to avoid a migration to microservices. Learn how to minimize downtime with this ...

Microservices design patterns and tools to watch in 2021

Opinion | App Architecture

Building upon years of momentum, architects are well in the swing of transitioning from the monolith to microservices. Here are three of the top ...

Manage containerized microservices with a service registry

Tip | IT Operations

It's easier than ever to spin up a containerized app, but that ease has created a problem: How to keep track of containerized microservices. Turn to ...

How technology is fuelling CommBank’s customer experience

News |

The Commonwealth Bank of Australia has built up capabilities in cloud and microservices while empowering engineering teams to solve complex customer ...

The 4 rules of a microservices defense-in-depth strategy

Tip | App Architecture

Learn the four must-follow rules when introducing defense-in-depth to a distributed microservices architecture, especially when services traverse ...

LeanIX adds SaaS, microservice management to product lineup

News | App Architecture

Enterprise architect specialist LeanIX expanded its portfolio through the purchase of SaaS management startup Cleanshelf and the introduction of a ...

Orchestration vs. choreography in microservices architecture

Tip | App Architecture

Orchestration and choreography are related, but they each have their own role to play. Get to know the basics of these service call approaches, ...

Styles, protocols and methods of microservices communication

Tip | App Architecture

As application architectures grow in complexity, messaging must become a priority. Review the two types of microservices communication and the ...

Using the saga design pattern for microservices transactions

Tip | App Architecture

We explore how the saga design pattern can support complex, long-term business processes and provide reliable rollback mechanisms for multistep ...

How to plan and execute a migration to microservices

Tip | App Architecture

Ready for a migration to microservices? Here are the steps your development team can take to gradually transition your existing monolithic ...

Get started with a hybrid microservices model

Tip | App Architecture

Enterprises don't always have to choose between a microservices and monolithic architecture -- take a hybrid approach to experience the best of both ...

Navigate service discovery in a microservices architecture

Tip | App Architecture

Microservices move rapidly, making streamlined service discovery a must. Learn more about the specific types of discovery approaches and how to ...

10 microservices quiz questions to test your knowledge

Quiz |

Don't sweat the details with microservices. Take this 10-question quiz to boost your microservices knowledge and impress interviewers during a job ...

Microservices logging best practices every team should know

Tip | App Architecture

Creating a log system for distributed microservices is a task much easier said than done. Joydip Kanjilal offers a few best practices to shore up ...

Key strategies to help migrate to microservices

Feature | App Architecture

Microservices adoption is no easy feat. In addition to the technical process of transitioning from a monolith, enterprises must also look at team ...

Is microservices adoption right for your organization?

Tip | App Architecture

Assess whether your org will benefit from microservices, and use this expert advice to take the initial steps to make a successful architectural and ...

What semantic monitoring can and can't do for microservices

Tip | App Architecture

Semantic monitoring can identify microservices performance problems, catch bugs in transactions and ensure uptime. But when you test in production, ...

4 alternatives to end-to-end testing microservices

Tip | Software Quality

Microservices architectures deserve better than end-to-end testing. See how methods like contract testing, subsystem testing and more can fill the ...

In the future of microservices, observability is everything

Photo Story | App Architecture

How to fuse domain-driven design and microservices

Tip | App Architecture

Domain-driven design helps organizations create business capabilities with the architecture that microservices need. Here's how to merge DDD into ...

How to test microservices for functionality and compliance

Tip | App Architecture

If you're new to microservices testing practices, understand that traditional techniques won't work anymore. We examine how to approach four critical...

4 microservices antipatterns that ruin migration

Tip | App Architecture

A migration to microservices can quickly lead to a chaotic heap of overly-coupled modules and fragile code. Here are the most critical microservices ...

Use tokens for microservices authentication and authorization

Tip | App Architecture

Independent and interoperable microservices require a permissions rethink, or you'll drive users crazy. Examine how tokens come into play for ...

How Photobox keeps site reliability in the picture

News |

Photobox’s site reliability head discusses how the photo book and personalised gifts site manages a complex microservices architecture

5 core components of microservices architecture

Feature | App Architecture

Before you build a microservices application, take a closer look at the components of the architecture and their capabilities.

The 3 tenets of microservice messaging patterns

Tip | App Architecture

In a microservices architecture, there's no question that it's tricky to ensure effective service communication. Review these three tenets of ...

Break monoliths into microservices with 3 steps

Feature | App Architecture

To decompose a monolith into microservices, you could take the application offline or halt all updates and rewrite everything. Or you could follow ...

Consider these key microservices caching strategies

Tip | App Architecture

Data caching is a key part of ensuring microservices have easy access to the data they need. We review a few key caching strategies.

Fundamental patterns for service discovery in microservices

Tip | App Architecture

Service discovery is a huge part of managing a microservices-based application. We examine helpful service discovery patterns developers can use for ...

When should I choose between serverless and microservices?

Answer | App Architecture

Serverless and microservices work well together, but they still have their unique qualities. We review their main differences and where one might ...

In a microservices app, how many microservices are too many?

Tip | App Architecture

How many microservices are optimal for your microservices app? DevOps analyst Chris Tozzi explains how to use containers, codebase analysis and other...

A few fundamental microservices team structure strategies

Tip | App Architecture

A microservices architecture can be quite a culture shock to unprepared enterprises. Here's how you can prepare your team to make microservices part ...

3 lessons microservices developers can learn from SOA

Tip | App Architecture

Microservices developers can learn from past SOA mistakes to build more resilient and high-performance applications today. Take a look at three major...

  • firewall as a service (FWaaS)

    Firewall as a service (FWaaS), also known as a cloud firewall, is a service that provides cloud-based network traffic analysis ...

  • private 5G

    Private 5G is a wireless network technology that delivers 5G cellular connectivity for private network use cases.

  • NFVi (network functions virtualization infrastructure)

    NFVi (network functions virtualization infrastructure) encompasses all of the networking hardware and software needed to support ...

  • Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)

    The Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is a symmetric block cipher chosen by the U.S. government to protect classified ...

  • operational risk

    Operational risk is the risk of losses caused by flawed or failed processes, policies, systems or events that disrupt business ...

  • risk reporting

    Risk reporting is a method of identifying risks tied to or potentially impacting an organization's business processes.

  • Risk Management Framework (RMF)

    The Risk Management Framework (RMF) is a template and guideline used by companies to identify, eliminate and minimize risks.

  • robotic process automation (RPA)

    Robotic process automation (RPA) is a technology that mimics the way humans interact with software to perform high-volume, ...

  • spatial computing

    Spatial computing broadly characterizes the processes and tools used to capture, process and interact with three-dimensional (3D)...

  • OKRs (Objectives and Key Results)

    OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) encourage companies to set, communicate and monitor organizational goals and results in an ...

  • cognitive diversity

    Cognitive diversity is the inclusion of people who have different styles of problem-solving and can offer unique perspectives ...

  • reference checking software

    Reference checking software is programming that automates the process of contacting and questioning the references of job ...

Customer Experience
  • martech (marketing technology)

    Martech (marketing technology) refers to the integration of software tools, platforms, and applications designed to streamline ...

  • transactional marketing

    Transactional marketing is a business strategy that focuses on single, point-of-sale transactions.

  • customer profiling

    Customer profiling is the detailed and systematic process of constructing a clear portrait of a company's ideal customer by ...