What’s your experience with blogs?

Should we look at blogging as a marketing channel? A recent study conducted by KnowledgeStorm and Universal McCann proves that blogs are extremely effective. According to the study blogs are a perfect forum for business and IT Professionals.  More than 53% of survey respondents felt that content they read in blogs already impacts their work-related purchasing decisions.  As marketers we are always looking for new and effective media.
What has been your experience with blog marketing?

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  1. […] Recently Karen linked to a survey that showcased the effectiveness of blogs on the purchase decisions.  Now that you know blogs can be an effective part of the media mix, how do you drive traffic and promote your blog?  Biz Stone, formerly of Google’s Eblogger, created an extensive list of blogging best practices.  In addition to the promotional support that you may get from your blogger application, the most important best practices are to write quality content and publish new content on a regular basis.  The continuous growth of quality content will subsequently grow your influence in the blogosphere.  The author of the blog Logic + Motion highlights this best practice with his visual of “Influence Ripples”.  The expert bloggers with high quality links creates a large ripple effect and and subsequently increases the authors influence in the blogosphere.  Do you have any additional ways to grow the influence of blogs? […]

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