Alex Homsi

Founder and CEO -

Trilog Group -


Alex El Homsi, president and CEO, founded Trilog Group in 1997, and has led the company to its current leadership position in two significant markets: the automated migration of Notes applications to J2EE and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) based development tools. Mr. Homsi created the company's award-winning J2EE RAD tool, FlowBuilder XML, and its XML Server Pages (XSP) framework, which is a superior, native J2EE/RDBMS rendition of the Domino framework using XML as a substitute for the "Note" abstraction. His vision is to help Domino developers move to J2EE by leveraging their existing skills, while offering J2EE developers a proven way -- the Notes way -- to build workflow applications. He has over 10 years of development experience with both Notes and Java.

Previously, Mr. Homsi served as worldwide product manager for architecture and technology for HR Access, an HR ERP product at IBM. He started his career as a research and development engineer for CGI France, specializing in object-oriented 4GL CASE tools, client/server architecture and collaborative workflow automation using Notes/Domino. Mr. Homsi earned two engineering degrees from top French "Grandes Ecoles," including the renowned Ecole Polytechnique, and is fluent in English, French and Arabic.

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