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At TechTarget, we monitor trillions of tech buying signals across a vast network of opted-in members. Then we share what actually matters – the real people and relevant behaviors specific to your solutions: Real purchase intent.

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1,300 tech companies grow with TechTarget

Security + Show More - Show Less In the exploding Security space, the top players turn to TechTarget.
Storage + Show More - Show Less As Storage technology continues to evolve, Storage players know that TechTarget captures their audiences.
Cloud & DevOps + Show More - Show Less Just as Cloud & DevOps go hand-in-hand, all of the top 5 cloud application vendors, and all of the top 15 hybrid cloud vendors turn to TechTarget.
Data Center & Virtualization + Show More - Show Less The top vendors winning in the Data Center & Virtualization space depend on TechTarget to fuel their pipelines.
End User Computing + Show More - Show Less As EUC continues to change, more innovative companies continuously rely on TechTarget.
AI, BI, & Big Data + Show More - Show Less In diverse categories like AI, BI, & Big Data, more vendors turn to TechTarget because of the hyper-specificity we can provide.
Business Applications + Show More - Show Less CRM. CX. SCM. HCM. ERP. ECM. Whatever your acronym, we capture the audiences that help more innovative business application vendors succeed.
Networking + Show More - Show Less We connect more great networking vendors to more great networking customers than anyone else.
UC & Collaboration + Show More - Show Less Unified Communications, UCaaS and Call Center tech have never been more important. That’s why industry leaders use TechTarget to compete.
Distribution/Channel Partners + Show More - Show Less Channel players are quickly discovering there’s incredible value in real purchase intent for growing more business faster.

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TechTarget’s Priority Engine™ makes it easy for marketers and sales to fuel their pipeline faster. View and download hundreds of new prospects each week to drive your measurable marketing and sales success.

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Alan Ho

Senior Director of Marketing for Asia Pacific and Japan

“The way TechTarget allows us to integrate data into our systems helps fuel our own best practices. And they give us all the training we need.”


Emily Ketchum

Director, Global Marketing Operations

“We had a rep stand up at our sales kickoff and say… ‘If you’re not using Priority Engine, you really lose out.’”

Improve Database

Kenny Dellovo

Lead Development Manager

“The first impact we saw from our relationship with TechTarget was an influx of leads into our database – 20x lead growth month over month. We’re sparking better conversations, increasing webinar attendance and setting more meetings.”

Generate Meetings

Bart Bartlett


“Our ISRs love it when customers provide us TechTarget leads and active prospects. We’ve seen TechTarget leads generate up to twice the conversion to a meeting vs. other lead sources.”

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