TechTarget News - Week of Jan 16, 2022

Majority of UK employees prefer hybrid work

Survey reveals the importance of hybrid working and shows a degree of WFH fatigue following Omicron, with firms assessing when it will be possible to return to in-person work

New normal sees SASE, SD-WAN surge as MPLA is phased out

Research confirms that MPLS is ‘out’ and SD-WAN and SASE systems are the clear winners in enterprise networking as more and more European organisations are eliminating all on-prem datacentres, with cloud adoption steaming ahead

MoJ faces ICO enforcement over subject access requests backlog

Ministry of Justice receives enforcement notice from information commissioner over ‘substantial’ backlog of subject access requests described as being of ‘significant concern’

Logitech brings USB device management to home office

Sync, a web-based platform that helps IT make sure devices are up-to-date and working correctly, will now work with at-home devices like webcams and headsets. confirms $35M lost in cyber attack

The cryptocurrency exchange had claimed no customer funds were lost in the recent cyber attack, but now admits 4,836.26 ETH and 443.93 bitcoin was stolen.

IT spending trends point to CIO innovation

Gartner's global forecast calls for a resumption of longer-term technology projects in 2022, with hyperautomation and AI on the anticipated IT agenda.

Coalesce launches with data transformation platform

The CEO and co-founder of Coalesce gives insight into the startup’s mission and challenges organizations continue to face with transforming data so it’s useful for data analysts.

New U.S. Chamber of Commerce commission to promote AI

The bipartisan commission includes experts with a variety of technology backgrounds and is led by two former congressmen. A report by the commission is expected later this year.

ServiceNow throws AI at digital transformation ROI problem

Companies report they aren't getting their money's worth out of digital transformation projects. ServiceNow's new AI-based software looks to up the value of such projects.

Tibco continues adding developer tools to analytics platform

Since its last major update in September 2021, the vendor has added to its array of prebuilt Spotfire Mods applications, including new AI Mods called Data Functions.

Cisco: Patching bugs is about more than CVSS numbers

Cisco's Kenna Security advised enterprises to consider more than just CVSS scores and update advisories when deciding when and how to address security vulnerabilities.

Data of 515,000 vulnerable people stolen in Red Cross attack

The International Committee of the Red Cross is probing a cyber attack that has already seen the personal data of hundreds of thousands of the world’s most vulnerable people compromised

Singapore to tighten digital banking security

Banks in Singapore will have to put in place more stringent measures to combat the rise in online phishing scams targeted at bank customers in the city-state

Confluent Cloud Q1 2022 update boosts event data streaming

The event streaming vendor is expanding its cloud platform with schema linking, data warehouse connectors and a load metrics API to improve scale and performance.

Confluent Cloud Q1 2022 update boosts event data streaming

The event streaming vendor is expanding its cloud platform with schema linking, data warehouse connectors and a load metrics API to improve scale and performance.

Dell Apex introduces new multi-cloud management tools

Dell is adding more capabilities to its Dell Apex cloud as-as-service portfolio, which are billed as tools to simplify and manage a multi-cloud infrastructure.

Backblaze now a target for Kasten Kubernetes backups

Kasten by Veeam can now use Backblaze's cloud storage as a backup target for Kubernetes data, a need that will continue to grow in popularity.

Nvidia releases updates to AI enterprise suite

The AI suite includes a full integration with Tanzu, giving enterprises the flexibility to run workloads on containers and VMs. The vendor also introduced two new servers.

Vodafone switches on first UK 5G Open RAN site

Vodafone teams with Samsung Networks Europe to switch on the UK’s first Open RAN site to carry live 5G traffic, marking a milestone in the commercial deployment of Open RAN network architectures in Europe, with more than 2,500 additional sites to follow

Chasm exists between ‘true’ and portfolio SASE approaches

Survey of enterprise IT leaders finds little difference between respondents without SASE and those who adopted SASE product portfolios regarding issues such as trade-offs between performance and security

Arizona State University taps Verizon for 5G Innovation Hub

Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband and mobile edge compute services enable researchers to develop and test real-world solutions to enhance immersive education, remote learning, virtual reality and data analytics

IT teams blind to Kubernetes observability

The complex nature of modern cloud environments makes it exceedingly difficult for IT admins to monitor IT infrastructure and systems effectively

Trellix looks to democratise access to XDR in APAC

The company formed from the merger of FireEye Enterprise and McAfee will team up with managed service providers, among other efforts, to democratise access to extended detection and response capabilities in the region

Ukraine hit with destructive malware attacks amidst turmoil

A new type of destructive malware was discovered by Microsoft after public and private organizations in Ukraine endured a series of cyber attacks as tensions with Russia grow.

FTC, DOJ seek public input on merger guidelines

The FTC and DOJ want public input on the government's merger guidelines, used to challenge potentially anticompetitive mergers. The agencies believe the rules are out of date and ineffective.

Ransomware actors increasingly demand payment in Monero

Though Bitcoin is still the cryptocurrency standard in ransomware payment demands, Monero has gained prominence due to its more private, less traceable technology.

Fivetran updates data integration platform with dbt Core

With automated data transformations and new data lineage visualization graphs, Fivetran is looking to make building data pipelines easier for data users.

‘Robust’ market opportunities ‘still abound’ in SD-WAN

Research reveals demand for cloud agility and cross-enterprise visibility, and that the integration of enterprise-grade 5G will continue to drive opportunities in software-defined wide area networks

Hammerspace CEO: Storage flexibility is now crucial

In this Q&A, David Flynn, CEO of Hammerspace, reflects on how COVID-19 and remote work have affected storage vendors that specialize in data storage management.

Amazon puts UK Visa ban on hold

Online retail giant Amazon continues to allow UK Visa credit card payments as negotiations over fees with the card provider continue

Police take down VPN linked to multiple ransomware hits

German police led a multinational effort to seize and take down the LabVPN service, which was allegedly used by cyber criminals to facilitate ransomware attacks

Cobalt Strike still C2 infrastructure of choice

Its utility and ease of use, coupled with explosive growth in ransomware actions, makes Cobalt Strike Team Servers the C2 infrastructure of choice for malicious actors

MITSG snaps up CSS Group

Managed services player makes its first acquisition of the year building on expansion moves made in 2021

CityFibre extends full-fibre in Aberdeen

Granite City sees rock-solid gigabit connectivity in £19m expansion of full-fibre network to homes and businesses in the Aberdeen area

International Space Station gets connected on SpaceDataHighway

SpaceDataHighway deploys space laser communications to increase the operational flexibility of ISS, allowing more astronauts, scientists and researchers to benefit from a direct link with Europe

Connexin switches on full-fibre broadband network in Hull

So-called ‘disruptive’ communications company specialising in building and operating smart city infrastructure connects first customer to full-fibre network in East Yorkshire

Channel roundup: Who's gone where?

A mixture of promotions and reaching out to fresh talent continues as firms across the industry look for talent

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