TechTarget News - Week of Dec 09, 2018

UK named sixth-biggest consumer of cloud services in EU

European statistics agency’s survey into the cloud usage habits of EU member states reveals the UK to be among the continent’s biggest consumers of off-premise services

Data companies vie to fill spots in AWS cloud data lineup

Third-party players looking to join Amazon Web Services' cloud data lineup tout hedges against cloud lock-in. The vendors must both compete and collaborate with the cloud leader.

Paris latest city to join Tech Global Advocates

The city of Paris is the latest to join the Tech Global Advocates network, offering a life raft to fintechs in the UK that want to retain customers across Europe

Iranian cyber espionage highlights human element

State-backed hackers in Iran have reportedly upped efforts to compromise US officials’ email accounts using phishing scams

Australia passes controversial encryption law

Arguments continue over law that requires companies to work with government agencies to ensure that encrypted communications can be read if a crime is suspected

Cumulus Linux, NetQ available for Lenovo RackSwitch

The combination of Lenovo RackSwitch models with Cumulus Linux and NetQ monitoring software is aimed at companies that prefer open networking in the data center.

Project Zero finds Logitech Options app critically flawed

Tavis Ormandy of Google's Project Zero discovered a serious authentication vulnerability in Logitech's Options application, but the peripheral device maker has yet to address the flaw.

Businesses can now rent Avaya phones

Businesses looking to reduce large one-time capital expenditures can now rent Avaya phones for a monthly fee.

Enterprise SREs guide devs through Kubernetes in production

Behind most enterprise developers who own and operate the services they create stands a platform engineering team that's teed up Kubernetes in its most manageable form.

Kubernetes 1.13 stabilizes storage, but Windows GA delayed

Kubernetes 1.13 had the shortest release cycle in the project's history, which meant more than half the features slated for the release were pushed out, including GA for Windows support.

Whatever happens with Brexit GDPR will continue

Guidance to SMEs from the ICO has stressed that after we leave the EU the need to keep an eye on data regulations will continue

Social engineering at the heart of critical infrastructure attack

Social engineering is the core technique used in a series of cyber attacks targeting government, defence, nuclear, energy and financial organisations around the world, which means people are key to defence

Acquisitions fuel Claranet revenue growth

The managed hosted player has reported decent improvements in revenue thanks in part to the acquisitions it made over the course of its last fiscal year

Most UK retailers plan to up cyber security

The majority of UK retailers are planning to increase cyber security measures during the Christmas season, a survey reveals

Microsoft doubles down on Kubernetes with Azure Monitor, AKS

Microsoft's new monitoring tools for AKS and its decision to sunset Azure Container Service trumpet the rise of Kubernetes as the de facto choice for container orchestration.

Amarillo hyper-converges IT with Dell EMC VxRail appliances

Hyper-convergence cut costs, streamlined operations and set up Amarillo to use the cloud for storage tiers, while shifting resources away from managing infrastructure.

Equifax breach report highlights multiple security failures

An Equifax breach report, based on a government investigation, blamed the incident on multiple security failures and concluded the breach was preventable.

Online store launched for Avaya cloud products

Organizations can now buy multi-tenant Avaya cloud products through a self-service website targeted at small and midsize businesses.

Server market enjoys strong Q3

The last quarter saw the server market deliver high revenues and shipment growth as customers refreshed old kit

DWP completes Universal Credit roll-out

The Department for Work and Pensions concludes the deployment of Universal Credit across the UK, meaning the full digital service is now available nationwide

Second Google+ data exposure leads to earlier service shutdown

Another Google Plus data exposure -- this time potentially affecting more than 52 million users -- will cause the service to be shut down four months earlier than scheduled.

MillerCoors ERP lawsuit begins harshly, ends softly

MillerCoors and IT services firm HCL have reached an 'amicable' agreement regarding the brewer's $100 million ERP implementation lawsuit over an SAP project.

Mac malware makes debut in top 10 list

Mac malware appears in the WatchGuard top 10 malware list for first time, and 6.8% of major websites still use an insecure SSL protocol, according to the firm’s latest internet security report

Large disparity in NHS cyber skills and training spend

Despite government pledges to up cyber security spending across the NHS, there are still huge disparities in cyber security skills and spending on cyber security training, FoI requests reveal

Azure database updates court on-premises installed base

Microsoft hopes a series of features, deployment options and price changes can convince more customers to migrate their database workloads to Azure and not to rival clouds.

6 HR vendors make Glassdoor's Best Places to Work

HR tech vendors make tools designed to improve a company's employee experience. So, it makes sense that a handful should appear on Glassdoor's Best Places to Work list, right?

Vodafone’s 4G network goes underground

Operator will roll out small 4G and 5G-ready antenna to boost network coverage over short distances in areas of dense usage, using manhole covers, among other things

Formula E technology driven by data analytics and AI

Formula E racing team EVR hopes to drive wins and innovation with a new partnership with Genpact, a professional services firm that offers an AI and analytics platform.

Channel roundup: Who's gone where?

Banish thoughts of a Christmas slowdown in the recruitment world with plenty going on over the last week in the channel

Councils awarded funding for digital innovation projects

The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government digital innovation fund awarded to a range of projects, including chatbots, artificial intelligence and town planning transformation