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Guided by real purchase intent insight, TechTarget helps clients chart better strategies and take better actions.

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Insight from
daily buyer interactions

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It’s all about driving better marketing performance

We focus all our energies on the three core strengths clients depend on to achieve success at scale:

  • Engaged buyer audiences looking for solutions
  • Behavioral insights tailored to marketers’ needs
  • High-impact tactics that map to specific business objectives

By delivering everything we do from a stronger foundation, we’ve quickly become the leader in purchase intent insight for enterprise technology marketing.

Greater impact from better fundamentals

Three core capabilities working together provide the foundation every marketer needs to out-perform.


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Between TechTarget’s consulting services and Priority Engine, we now understand the buyer’s journey much better. No one comes close to providing the level of service they do.”

– Kevin Payne, VP of Global Field Marketing, [24]
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