Activity matters.

With real purchase intent data, you can identify and engage active, in-market buying teams. See an actual buyer’s journey.

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new enterprise tech deals every year

Buying Team Activity
Purchase Intent
Purchase Intent

Buyers search Google. They arrive at TechTarget.

With the world’s largest internet footprint in enterprise tech, our content appears at the top of Google organic rankings.

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Purchase Intent

When there’s genuine need, buyers opt in.

Buying teams want objective, detailed content to make smarter choices. That’s why their researchers register with us. More than 29 million have opted-in, enabling us to share their details with our clients.

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Purchase Intent

Purchase Intent
Purchase Intent

We create actionable understanding.

Via our Priority Engine™ real purchase intent data platform, advanced analytics curate the truly critical insights—real buying signals from real buyer’s journeys—for your direct use.

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Activities that compel action.

Even the largest companies can’t access enough demand on their own. With our proprietary activity data, you gain a huge competitive advantage.

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TechTarget real purchase intent insight supports:

  • Sales and marketing alignment.
    Gain visibility into active contacts and verified tech initiatives.
  • Buyer’s journey understanding.
    Make better content and deliver immediate engagement.
  • Critical effectiveness knowledge.
    Track your integrated progress week-to-week.

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