Priority Engine™ improves marketing and sales by providing direct access to real buyers at priority-ranked accounts. See how Priority Engine supports what you do:

Accelerate ABM

Focus on accounts with an immediate need for your solutions. >

Reach active buyers

Connect with the actual members of the buying team researching products like yours. >

Generate better leads

Engage thousands of active prospects who are more likely to respond and convert. >

Land quality meetings

Book more appointments using real buyer insights to personalize outreach and break through. >

customers across 200 tech market segments

prospects exported in the last year

average return on investment

Inside Sales-Driven ROI

Close more deals faster with Priority Engine Email Alerts

Receive valuable insights about the most active accounts in your territory, delivered right to your inbox.

Turn your website visitors into opportunities with Inbound Converter

Priority Engine’s Inbound Converter automatically identifies in-market accounts visiting your website, appends contacts from the active buying team and enriches them with purchase intent insights to help you close.

How customers succeed with Priority Engine

Using both Priority Engine and Confirmed Projects has helped our team focus. We’re able to access the exact buyer pain points, technologies they’re researching and have installed, and other contacts they can reach out to – all in one place.”

– Nicole Williams, Marketing Coordinator, Rolta AdvizeX

[With Inbound Connector,] being able to link our site visitors to TechTarget’s intent data and active prospects helps us easily pinpoint the most engaged accounts and deliver our sales team a list of prime prospects to focus on.”

– Andrew Tewksbury, Director of Product & Marketing, HelpSystems

The ROI Dashboard gives us insight into the high-level impact of Priority Engine on pipeline.”

– Emily Ketchum, Senior Manager of Global Marketing Operations, Fuze

We’ve learned that with Priority Engine, we’re hitting the decision makers so it’s a higher quality lead.”

– Kevin Payne, Vice President, Global Field Marketing, [24]

With Priority Engine data we saw a 50% better response rate with our direct prospecting efforts.”

– Alex Hudzik, Director of Inside Sales, Nasuni

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TechTarget partners with DiscoverOrg to give you access to 3X more contacts from ranking target accounts.

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TechTarget partners with HG Insights to embed vendor and product install information.

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TechTarget partners with KickFire to identify the companies visiting our customers’ websites.

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