There’s been a revolution in tech marketing: the intent data revolution. It has radically improved marketing efficiency and sales effectiveness. For healthcare tech, this revolution is only just beginning. But legacy data providers don’t supply person-level behavioral data for this category, so they can’t deliver these advantages to you. Xtelligent Healthcare from TechTarget does.

The Xtelligent Healthcare difference

With our proprietary Prospect-Level Intent™ data, your marketing and sales teams gain a whole new level of insight into current account needs. They can see what each critical person inside a buying center actually cares about. They can dramatically improve their activity prioritization. They can radically upgrade their personalization effectiveness. They can identify, influence and accelerate many more opportunities. And your teams can too. 


Fueled by proprietary editorial and our owned audience

As part of TechTarget’s world-leading network of B2B buying decision-oriented web properties, Xtelligent leverages an incredibly powerful formula. For more than 20 years, we’ve been creating the editorial content that more tech buyers use to make their solution purchase decisions. Xtelligent Healthcare extends this to healthcare technology categories, leveraging AI and machine learning to bring all the benefits of real purchase intent data to go-to-market teams focused on the healthcare space.

Content that builds the audiences you want

We make it easier for you to find, influence and convert more healthcare technology buyers into your own pipeline. Because our editorial team delivers the right content to healthcare tech buyers, Google prioritizes our material in their search results. Thus, more and more buyers find our material – because it’s both more findable and more useful in their decision-making process. Across 11 hyper-specific categories, we’ve got more than 400,000 opted-in healthcare tech buyers who continuously return to us for guidance on their technology purchases.  

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Audiences provide the buying context

Few serious buying committee members are likely to pay significant attention to marketing that’s not embedded into the proper context. As a publisher specifically supporting healthcare tech buying, we’ve created the context necessary to maximize contextual relevance for your marketing outreach. Marketing with us supports the pre-purchase research your target buyers are already doing. And that can make working with us far more effective for you.

Intent data powers much better productivity

The Xtelligent Healthcare Network

Granular web properties providing healthcare executives and IT professionals with industry insight and expertise on the latest technology trends in the healthcare market.

To scale the engagement you seek

By supporting more than 3,000 clients in critical technology categories, TechTarget has maximized GTM opportunity more than anyone else in B2B. Extending those service capabilities and flexible delivery models to healthcare, Xtelligent combines the very best in strategic guidance with the right platforms and executional support services to address your marketing needs. Whether you’re an established leader or a disruptive new entrant, with our proprietary audiences, data and marketing capabilities, we can help you understand your situation and take more product action more quickly.  

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