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Owkin open sources biotech AI bundle

France/US-headquartered AI biotech company Owkin is open sourcing the Artificial Intelligence (AI) software behind Melloddy and Substra. Big fans of ‘open science’, Owkin hopes to help ...


Follow-up care slightly more common after audio-only telehealth visits

A recent study showed that follow-up care, including downstream emergency care, was higher after telephone-only versus video visits, but some treatment measures, like lab order rates, were lower.


State of data privacy laws in 2023

Concern about how personal data is processed and stored is leading to the passage of new regulations that govern how companies handle consumer data.


Security is key to maximizing cloud adoption success in healthcare

Security must be considered throughout the cloud adoption process and beyond when it comes to healthcare.

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Health IT and Electronic Health Basics

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    problem list

    A problem list is a document that states the most important health problems facing a patient such as nontransitive illnesses or diseases, injuries suffered by the patient, and anything else that has affected the patient or is currently ongoing with ...

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    pharmaceutical detailing

    Pharmaceutical detailing is a 1:1 marketing technique pharmaceutical companies use to educate a physician about a vendor's products, hoping that the physician will prescribe the company's products more often.

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    medical transcription (MT)

    Medical transcription (MT) is the manual processing of voice reports dictated by physicians and other healthcare professionals into text format.

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