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Confirmed Projects™
High-Quality Leads™

Uncover purchases your prospecting efforts missed

Get into deals early and make the shortlist

Triple-verified contact information

Conducting relevant research with TechTarget

Downloaded your content via TechTarget content syndication

Identified a current technology challenge your solution solves

Confirmed an upcoming purchase within 12 months for a solution aligned to your tech market

Includes project blueprint and investment drivers

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Confirmed Projects

Deliver salespeople the in-market buyers they want with rich project intelligence for new inroads to the deal. TechTarget’s Confirmed Projects™ accelerate pipeline by delivering opportunities that your marketing efforts may have missed, allowing you to optimize your sales efforts against prospects with a high likelihood to convert.

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High-Quality Leads

Arm your teams with the contacts and the intelligence to influence more deals. TechTarget’s High-Quality Leads™ connect reps with early-stage prospects who have relevant technology challenges—and a confirmed need to solve them.

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Spotlight on: Confirmed Projects

TechTarget uncovers technology projects and provides your sellers critical details to inform their discovery conversations.

Project Details Direct from the Buyer

Prioritize sales call lists based on accounts – and named buyers – that have a confirmed technology project in your market. >


Vendor Short List

Short list preferences help you position your solution and de-position your competition. >


Real Project Knowledge

You’ll know the challenges they are looking to solve and the desired outcome so you can personalize your angle and approach. >


Know What to Say in your Outreach

Suggested email template provides reps inroads to the conversation and tips for engaging the buyer. >


Confirmed Projects in Priority Engine

Your sales reps can also get easy access to the active projects we’ve verified for you right from Priority Engine™. By including confirmed project details directly in our intent data platform, you can equip everyone on your team with the critical talking points they need to engage more accounts, land more meetings and close more deals./p>

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Confirmed Projects give us proper insider insight which helps us ask the right questions to buyers. Based on the information we get on an account’s buying situation and what they’re looking to do, we’re able to tailor our conversation around what we know the buyer wants to hear.”

– Nicole Williams, Marketing Coordinator, Rolta AdvizeX

We’re able to take the Confirmed Project insights and act on those, but we’re also able to get an extended view into other members of the buying team, resulting in $8.5M revenue influenced. ”

– Adam Stein, Principal, APS Marketing, Oracle/Talari

We’ve had a lot of success with TechTarget’s Confirmed Projects. In the last 60 days we’ve identified 5 new opportunities and added $550K to our pipeline.”

– Doug Alexander, CEO, Focus Technology Solutions

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