buyer self-education
PLG: The Rise of Buyer Self-Education and the Essential Role of Experts

Shalen Lowell Senior Content Marketing Manager

Product-led growth (PLG) models are driving greater buyer self-education and autonomy in conducting technology purchasing research than in previous years. PLG encourages buyers to explore and evaluate solutions independently through […]

GenAI tips
A Marketer’s GenAI Field Guide: Five Prompting Tips and Lessons Learned So Far

Greg Kita Senior Copywriting Strategist

Almost overnight, artificial intelligence has jumped out of the pages of science fiction and into our business reality. Though not exactly like Data of Star Trek fame or the walking, […]

customer trust
How to Build Trust with Prospective and Current Customers

Shalen Lowell Senior Content Marketing Manager

As a marketing or sales professional, your task of consistently maintaining trust with your customers, in addition to winning the trust of prospects, is never complete. After all, where do […]

tech buyers resources
Tech Buyers’ Most Trusted Research Sources

Shalen Lowell Senior Content Marketing Manager

Technology buyers in our 2024 Media Consumption Study have spoken and the results are in: Buyers are spending more time with independent sources of information than anywhere else when researching tech […]

GenAI Sales Outreach
Balancing GenAI and Human Touch in Sales Outreach

Emily Falconer Marketing Program Manager

In an era of overflowing email inboxes and limited attention spans, all sales reps understand the struggle to generate engagement with prospects via email. In our recent survey of 600+ […]

GenAI 101
GenAI 101: Three Tips for Getting Started with AI Content Creation Tools

James Landry Marketing Program Manager

Generative AI (GenAI) is an exciting topic that’s created a lot of buzz across the IT landscape. Despite all the chatter, and that GenAI is not completely new, most businesses […]

Technology Investment Drivers
Five Top Technology Investment Drivers for 2024

Shalen Lowell Senior Content Marketing Manager

The technology landscape is poised for significant change in 2024, with many purchase drivers and disruptors impacting your current customers’ and prospects’ tech investments. It’s essential organizations, like yours, stay […]

Media Consumption Survey
The Future of Media Consumption: What Tech Buyers Expect in 2024 and Beyond   

Shalen Lowell Senior Content Marketing Manager

For B2B marketers to effectively engage tech buyers, they must have a clear understanding of the type of media tech buyers prioritize when evaluating their purchasing options, as well as […]

partner demand generation
Intent Data + Partner Marketing: Six Innovative Use Cases that Drive Pipeline

Anita Covelli Director of Partner Marketing

While many demand gen marketers are using intent data to drive better campaign outcomes, it’s been more challenging for partner and channel marketers to incorporate intent into their complex go-to-market […]

Sailing Through Changes: Three Trends Shaping Partner Marketing in 2024

Bhawna Sharma Partner Marketing and Developer Marketing, PayPal

This blog is a part of a series highlighting the perspectives of partner marketing executives across the globe. You’ll hear our guest writers’ experiences facing challenges in the partner ecosystem […]

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