Buying signals
Step aside, MQLs. Buying signals are here to stay. 

Kamile Vilkelyte Global Marketing Programs Manager

Imagine you’re a stellar marketing leader and have generated real results as you strategically execute your go-to-market (GTM) motions. You’re vigorously working to increase your brand’s share of voice within […]

GenAI tips
A Marketer’s GenAI Field Guide: Five Prompting Tips and Lessons Learned So Far

Greg Kita Senior Copywriting Strategist

Almost overnight, artificial intelligence has jumped out of the pages of science fiction and into our business reality. Though not exactly like Data of Star Trek fame or the walking, […]

customer trust
How to Build Trust with Prospective and Current Customers

Shalen Lowell Senior Content Marketing Manager

As a marketing or sales professional, your task of consistently maintaining trust with your customers, in addition to winning the trust of prospects, is never complete. After all, where do […]

3 Ways to Maximize Lead Gen Potential by Working From the “Outside In”

John Steinert CMO

Every day clients come to us with lists of people they want to target. Their lists are built from three classic building blocks: A combination of titles associated with past […]

2023 priorities
On the B2B Horizon: 2023 Priorities

Fiona O'Connor Senior Content Marketing Manager

Fourth quarter is almost upon us and 2023 planning should be ramping up. To make sure you have the inputs you need across your team, TechTarget’s BrightTALK folks are hosting […]

Beware of Black Boxes. Look for Actionable Outputs.

Steve Niemiec Chief Operating Officer & Chief Revenue Officer

Science fiction is one of my guilty pleasures (after golf that is). And with young kids, though I don’t have as much time to read for pleasure as I’d like, […]

demand generation strategies
Keeping Up with Evolving B2B Demand Gen Thinking and Practice

Fiona O'Connor Senior Content Marketing Manager

The thinking around B2B demand gen strategy is rapidly evolving. Until recently, demand gen organizations were laser-focused on lead volumes – how to identify, convert and qualify them. The thinking […]

We’re Only Human: 4 Ways to Become a Better Copy Editor

Fiona O'Connor Senior Content Marketing Manager

We’ve all been there – sent that promotional email with a word missing or realized your e-book has a formatting error after sharing it with your audience. It’s incredibly frustrating […]

subject lines
Four Big Tips for Better Subject Lines

Fiona O'Connor Senior Content Marketing Manager

If your subject line doesn’t stand out in your audience’s inbox, they won’t engage. They’ll never see the informative message you wrote or the valuable content you’ve spent all that […]


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