intent data
A Practitioner’s Brief on Intent Data

Fiona O'Connor Senior Content Marketing Manager

Whether you’ve already jumped in or haven’t yet started with intent data, 2022 is going to be a big year. To help you sort through the details, BrightTALK is hosting […]

We’re Only Human: 4 Ways to Become a Better Copy Editor

Fiona O'Connor Senior Content Marketing Manager

We’ve all been there – sent that promotional email with a word missing or realized your e-book has a formatting error after sharing it with your audience. It’s incredibly frustrating […]

A Foundation for Better Alliance and Channel Partnerships

Fiona O'Connor Senior Content Marketing Manager

Success of any go-to-market partnership or alliance depends on a shared belief that, together, these two companies can be more impactful in the market than each could on its own. […]

subject lines
Four Big Tips for Better Subject Lines

Fiona O'Connor Senior Content Marketing Manager

If your subject line doesn’t stand out in your audience’s inbox, they won’t engage. They’ll never see the informative message you wrote or the valuable content you’ve spent all that […]

measuring partner ROI
Expert Insights to Build and Measure Partner ROI More Effectively

Fiona O'Connor Senior Content Marketing Manager

No matter what stage of your partner marketing evolution, identifying and understanding ROI helps keep up the momentum. For the latest insights into how organizations are developing partner programs that […]

Beyond Words: Why “Design-Forward” for Content Creation?

Fiona O'Connor Senior Content Marketing Manager

Among B2B content marketing teams, design is still far too often introduced in the last stages of the process. Instead of using a more collaborative approach, completed copy is basically […]

Nominate Your and Your Partners’ Best Work – SearchITChannel’s Top Projects Awards

Susan Smith Integrated Publisher & Director, Enterprise Strategy Group Enablement

There are a lot of really interesting and innovative IT projects happening around the world every day. And let’s be honest, the involved teams rarely get the recognition they deserve. […]

PMV blog image
Expert Insights: 3 Essential Elements of Partner Go-to-Market Success

Fiona O'Connor Senior Content Marketing Manager

Faced with rapidly expanding partner ecosystems, it’s now more important than ever that partner marketing organizations establish go-to-market (GTM) strategies that enable them to scale successful partnerships quickly and easily. […]


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