Austin Sincock

Austin Sincock

Specialist Leader, Deloitte

Austin has been a strong proponent for the development and use of Enterprise Java to provide access to SAP R/3 systems since 1999. He has managed product application suites and technical projects around implementing this functionality for major R/3 and CRM environments for over ten years. His projects have included US Customs and Border Protection, Kraft Foods, Volvo - Sweden, and DirecTV.

As an architect, Austin leverages both best of breed and best of suite technologies to develop highly tailored solutions that meet his customers' individual needs. He also focuses on education and training, helping other developers get up to speed on new technologies and allowing companies to create value from non-traditional channels, such as open source software. Austin is a frequent speaker on issues that address the integration of Java within an SAP landscape and has spoken at many conferences including SAP TechEd and the SearchSAP Developers Summit.

Austin can be reached at [email protected]. Also check out his book on Java programming for SAP, Enterprise Java for SAP.

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