Charles King

Principal Analyst -

Pund-IT Research -


Charles King, the Principal Analyst of Pund-IT Research, focuses his attention on infrastructure hardware, including enterprise server, storage, and networking solutions. His emphasis is on understanding product and technology evolution, and interpreting the effects these changes will have on business customers and the greater IT marketplace. Pund-IT delivers publications including a weekly newsletter, timely commentary on breaking events, and reports on market, strategic, and product trends.

After completing a Masters degree in English in 1988, Charles worked as a freelance writer and photographer, with work appearing in publications including the Washington Post and the San Francisco Chronicle. In 1995, Charles began writing feature stories on technical and business strategy issues for the public and internal Web sites of Cisco Systems, Silicon Graphics, Adobe Systems, and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Prior to founding Pund-IT, Charles worked as a Senior Analyst for Zona Research and as a Research Director for the Sageza Group. Since announcing Pund-IT's formation in October 2004, Charles has been quoted in feature stories on a wide range of IT industry news sites, as well as in publications including the New York Times and USA Today.