Cregg Hardwick

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Cregg Hardwick is Collaboration Solutions Technical Lead for CenterPoint Energy in Houston. He has an MBA from Centenary College, holds a PCLP and an MCAD and has been a Notes developer since 1998. Cregg was one of the principal architects of the Lotus Notes Solutions Center at Centerpoint Energy, a cross-functional "competency center" that has helped professional IT developers work with contractors and "power users" within the business to develop and support collaboration and business process support applications across the enterprise. He wrote the development standards for Lotus Notes applications at Centerpoint, and is currently working on a major project to convert Lotus Notes applications to Sharepoint and .Net.

Before joining Centerpoint, Cregg was an Assistant Editor at SoftDisk publishing, where he developed and adapted all sorts of articles and software for two monthly publications, "On-Disk Monthly" and "PC Business Disk". At SoftDisk, Cregg shared an office with John Carmack, John Romaro, and the rest of the team that later formed "id Software" and gave the world "Doom" and "Quake". Cregg originally learned to program while working on a robotic control system for the high-school science fair, using 8080 assembly language written and debugged on graph paper. His interest in programming was sparked when he learned about the team at NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab that reprogrammed the Voyager II spacecraft to use data compression after its primary antenna failed. He has always been focused on using computers to complement human capacities and avoid predictable human mistakes, hence his continuing focus of business collaboration software.

Cregg and his wife Kristina have two young daughters and enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, canoeing and SCUBA diving. Cregg holds a yellow belt in Kuk Sool Won martial arts and is the proud owner of a Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner (which he won from SearchDomino).