Daniel Cazzulino

Co-Founder and Development Lead -

Clarius Consulting -


Daniel Cazzulino (a.k.a. kzu) lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina and is a senior architect, developer and co-founder ofClarius Consulting S.A. He coauthored several books for Wrox Press and Apress on Web development and server controls with ASP.NET, has written and reviewed many articles for ASP Today and C# Today and currently enjoys sharing his .NET and XML experiences through his Weblog.

He works closely with Microsoft in key projects from the Patterns and Practices group. Microsoft rewarded him as a Most Valuable Professional (MVP) on XML Technologies for his contributions to the community, mainly through the XML-savvy open source project NMatrix he co-founded and through his Weblog. He also started the promising MVP.XML project with fellow XML MVP experts worldwide. Surprisingly enough, he is a lawyer who found a more exciting career as a developer and a .NET/XML geek.

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