Donald C. Donzal

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Don had his first 'real' job as systems administrator for a hospital and later formed a successful consulting business continuing his work in the medical field while expanding into the SMB and media markets. An entrepreneur at heart, he became CTO of Telco Billing Solutions, Inc. After the tech bubble burst, he accepted a position in his hometown as Director of IT for the Department of Medicine at the University of Illinois at Chicago, home to the largest medical school in the country. Taking his experience from a wide range of industries and the security concepts intertwined in each, he co-founded The Digital Construction Company in 2004. A firm believer of life-long education, Don is also an advocate of industry certifications as a baseline of knowledge. For this reason, he created CSP Online Magazine as a free and open exchange of security information. He is also the editor-in-chief of The Ethical Hacker Network. Don continues to preach the wonders of technology through a combination of writing, speaking, studying and, of course, working in IT. He currently holds CISSP, MCSE, CEH and is a Subject Matter Expert for CompTIA's Security+.