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Jeffrey Hunter graduated from Stanislaus State University in Turlock, Calif., with a bachelor's degree in computer science. Jeff is an Oracle Certified Professional, Java Development Certified Professional, author and currently works as a senior database administrator for The DBA Zone, Inc.. His work includes advanced performance tuning, Java programming, capacity planning, database security, and physical/logical database design in a UNIX, Linux and Windows NT environment. Jeff's other interests include mathematical encryption theory, programming language processors (compilers and interpreters) in Java and C, LDAP, writing Web-based database administration tools and, of course, Linux. Jeff has been a senior database administrator and software engineer for over 10 years and maintains his own Web site site at:

Jeff's authored publications:
Conducting the Java job interview, Rampant TechPress, 2004
Conducting the J2EE job interview, Rampant TechPress, 2004